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Rocky Mountaineer Railtours 9521

Rocky Mountaineer Railtours 9521

Along the Kicking Horse River, BC. Dec. 29, 2004. Photo by Jody Moore.

Type of Car: Goldleaf "B" Dome Coach
Coach: 70
Dining: 36
Length: 85 feet, 0 inches
Height: 18 feet, 0.5 inches
Weight: ?
Platform Size : 4 feet 9 inches long
Kitchen/Galley: Yes (small)
Lower Level Lounge: Yes
Restrooms: 2
ADA Features: ADA lift and restrooms
Built: 2003
Ran as: Rocky Moutaineer (RMR) 9521

Notes: Rocky Mountaineer's newest Goldleaf service dome is a bit of a departure from the previous domes in the fleet. The most noticeable exterior difference is the use of the larger 82 inch wide glass window panes in the dome section, which now span across two seat rows instead of the single row-width panes that were used on the previous 10 cars.

The 9521 and 9523 (which was delivered in April, 2004) are also six inches taller, adding three inches of additional head room to both levels. There are several interior differences as well, which have forced the shortening of the observation section slightly. Also, the service bar has been relocated from the dome end to a spot closer to the center of the car.

The 9521 joins a fleet of 10 cars providing Goldleaf service on RMR's two-day rail cruise offering between Vancouver, BC and Jasper, Banff and Calgary, AB. RMR has enlarged its fleet by an average of 1-2 cars per year since purchasing the 9501 in 1995.

9521 is a B car, with an observation platform and small lounge/gift shop supplanting a smaller than normal galley next to the dining area.

Click here to see a complete tour of Rocky Mountaineer car 9509 at the historic Canadian National depot in Kamloops, BC.

Kamloops, BC. May 14, 2004. Photo by Jody Moore.

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