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TriMet aero cab trailer 2001

GG20B Rosters

UPY 2312

Type of Car: Commuter trailer, single level aero cab car  
Commuter Coach: 82
Length: 85 feet
Height: 14 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 68 tons (136,000 pounds)* — from earlier specs. May not be accurate.
Motors: None
Horsepower: N/A
Transmission: None
Generator: Stadco 175kW 480v 3 phase
Cab Style: Aero cab on F-end.
Kitchen/Galley: None
Ultradome Glass?: No.
Restrooms: None.
ADA Features: Wheelchair seating in passenger area.
Built: June 2008
Ran as: CRMX 2001 (2008-present).


Notes: In a relatively new market, Portland TriMet's initial four car order includes many firsts for Colorado Railcar's DMUs. Trailer car 2001 is the first unpowered cab car built by the company. The cars are also the first strictly high floor cars built, with no stairs for a low-floor platform (which TriMet doesn't have), and the first DMU's build without restrooms. The TriMet DMUs and trailer feature a redesigned aero cab. The trailer has 82 seats, and includes two bike racks.

The cars are to run on a new commuter rail service between the western Portland, OR suburb of Beaverton to the southern Portland suburb of Wilsonville. The service is hoped to be the start of a larger regional service between Portland and Salem, OR, paralelling the Cascades service already run by Amtrak and the state DOT on a different line. The cars are expected to go into service in Fall 2008.

Alaska 2000 Aurora

Photo 5
An inerior view of TriMet 2001 near Cassa, WY. June 14, 2008. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
TriMet 1001 and 2001 pose with some wildflowers near Bingen, WA. June 18, 2008. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.
Photo 5
Alaska Railroad 3001 leads Portland and Western's OE Express past TriMet 2001 and 1001 in Wilsonville, OR. June 28, 2008. Photo by Jody Moore. Click to enlarge.

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