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Suggested Reading

Unadilla Valley Railway
"The Dilly-Dally Line"

Suggested Reading

Days Along the Buckwheat & Dandelion by Fred Pugh

This is the first book published on the Unadilla Valley Railway. It is a great book, filled with amazing photographs and a historical overview of the railroad. 142 pages.

Make sure you buy the third printing!

(c) 1984. Published by Worden Press, Brookfield, NY

UV: The Life and Times of a Small Railroad by William S. Young
A Definitive Account of the Unadilla Valley Railway

This book is a wealth of information on the Unadilla Valley Railway. Bill Young spent a great deal of time at the UV and provides a lot of firsthand information about the railroad and the people that worked there. 120 pages.

(c) 2009. Privately published.

New York Short Lines In Color: Volume 2 by Gary R. Carlson

While it covers a number of shortlines in New York, pages 120 to 127 cover the Unadilla Valley Railway. The book provides some great information as well as twenty color photographs of the UV.

(c) 2012. Published by Morning Sun Books, Inc., Scotch Plains, NJ

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