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Upstate NY Rails  


 The Center for Upstate NY Railfanning!


This site will be a home for information concerning railroading in Upstate NY.  This includes the areas around Utica, Norwich, Oneonta and Binghamton.  Railroads such as Conrail/CSX running on the old NYC route in Utica are one of my primary focuses.   The NYS&W will be represented here as well as the D&H (CP Rail), the MA&N in Utica and points north, the Adirondack Scenic, and of course Amtrak.
Any and all information and contributions will be gladly accepted.  I am going to provide links, scanner frequency lists, information on railfan spots, and of course Pictures!!!  I really want to emphasize Safe Railfanning on this site.  Many railroads dislike railfans immensely due to some that don't respect the railroads' private property.  So I would like to collect some safety tips from some of you out there.

As a starting point, I'm going to use some of my limited knowledge to provide some of this information.  I'm hoping that others will jump in and provide more information, so we can all learn.  So, enjoy what there is so far, and email me if you'd like to contribute.