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Amtrak - Miami, FL (MIA)



Station Data:


8303 Northwest 37th Avenue
Miami, FL 33147



25.85 N, 80.26 W


2 m / 8 ft


399,457 (Census 2010)



Open Hours

5:45am - 9:30pm  Daily


Concrete, Year built unknown


91,019 (FY2012)


Amtrak Trains:

Train Name Route


[ New York, NY - Florence, SC - Orlando, FL - Miami, FL ]


[ New York, NY - Columbia, SC - Tampa, FL - Miami, FL ]


Urban Railroads:

Name Category


Commuter Train


Electric Train


People Mover in Miami Downtown

Miami International Airport

People Mover in Miami International Airport


Tourist Railroads:

Name Category

Miami Metro Zoo

Monorail in the zoo

Gold Coast Railroad

Diesel Trains / 24" Trains

Station Improvement:
Florida DOT has begun construction on the $1.5-billion Miami Intermodal Center, which is expected to open in 2016.  It is designed to bring Amtrak, Tri-Rail, Metro Rail, car rentals, and other transportation services together in one location, connected to Miami International Airport by people mover.
(Source - Amtrak Fact Sheet, Fiscal Year 2015, State of Florida)

Visited on February 11, 2008

Photo 001 Photo 002

Station Building

Station Building

Photo 003 Photo 004

Parking Lot in front of the station

South Side of Building

Photo 005 Photo 006

Waiting Area

Ticket Counter and Waiting Area

Photo 007 Photo 008

Ticket Counter

Metropolitan Lounge Entrance

Photo 009 Photo 010

Inside of Metropolitan Lounge

Self Drink Bar (Metropolitan Lounge)

Photo 011 Photo 012

North Side of Building

Looking North (Track 1)

Photo 013 Photo 014

Looking South (Dead End)

Looking North (New York)

Photo 015 Photo 016

Loop Line (Looking West)

Loop Line (Looking East)

Photo 017 Photo 018

Looking Station (Looking North)

Metro Bus "L" connecting Miami Beach

Visited on April 23, 2003

Photo 1 Photo 2

Station Building

Parking Lot

Photo 3 Photo 4

North Side of Building

Platform Side

Photo 5 Photo 6

Ticket Counter and Waiting Area

Looking North (Track 1)

Photo 7 Photo 8

Looking South (Track 2)

Looking North (Track 2)

Photo 9 Photo 10

Loop Line (Looking East)

Train running on the loop

Miami Metro Zoo - Monorail

Monorail 1

Monorail 2

Monorail 3

Monorail 4

Monorail 5

Monorail 6

Monorail 7

Monorail 8

Monorail 9

Monorail 10

Former Amtrak Miami Station (November 1972)

Former Amtrak Miami Station (November 1972)

Former Amtrak Miami Station (May 1973)

Former Amtrak Miami Station - Waiting for Boarding (March 1975)

Former Amtrak Miami Station (April 1977)

Amtrak Miami Station (March 1983)


Track Diagram

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