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Amtrak - Raleigh, NC (RGH)


Station Data:


320 West Cabarrus Street
Raleigh, NC 27601



35.77 N, 78.64 W


91 m / 300 ft


403,892 (Census 2010)



Open Hours

6:00am - 10:30pm  Daily


Brick, Built in 1950


163,698 (FY2012)


Amtrak Trains:

Train Name



[ New York, NY - Richmond, VA - Raleigh, NC - Charlotte, NC ]


[ Raleigh, NC - Greensboro, NC - Charlotte, NC ]


[ New York, NY - Columbia, SC - Tampa, FL - Miami, FL ]

Station Improvement:
On May 8, 2015, Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane gathered with local, state and federal leaders to break ground for Raleigh Union Station, a new multimodal transit center designed to serve the capital region well into the 21st century. 

The $79.8 million project includes rehabilitation of the Dillon Supply warehouse, track and platform construction and signal and switch improvements.  Featuring dramatic, high ceilings, the renovated building will have a waiting hall, ticket counters and an area for retail storefronts and restaurants. The stationís grand opening is expected to occur in 2017.

(Source - "Great American Station" Ground Broken for Raleigh Union Station)

Visited on October 24, 2010

Photo 0001 Photo 0002

Raleigh Station built by Southern Railway

Amtrak relocated from SAL depot in 1986

Photo 0003 Photo 0004

Entrance (West Side)

Parking Lot in front of Station

Photo 0005 Photo 0006


Platform Side

Photo 0007 Photo 0008

Lounge for First Class Passengers

Amtrak Ticket Counter

Photo 0009 Photo 0010

Waiting Area

Waiting Area

Photo 0011 Photo 0012



Photo 0013 Photo 0014

Looking Northwest (Miami and Charlotte)

Looking Southeast (New York)

Photo 0015 Photo 0016

Looking Northwest (Miami and Charlotte)

Cabarrus Street near Station (Looking East)

Visited on February 13, 2008

Photo 001 Photo 002

Northbound Silver Star arrived on time

Engineers changed at Raleigh

Photo 003 Photo 004

North Carolina State Capitol

State Capitol was built in 1840

Visited on September 2, 2005

Photo 01 Photo 02

Station  Building

Looking Downtown (East)

Photo 03 Photo 04

Looking Northwest (Miami and Charlotte)

Looking Southeast (New York)

Photo 05  

Silver Star #91 (4 hours behind the schedule)


Visited in February 16, 2002

Photo 1 Photo 2

Station Building

Ticket Counter

Photo 3 Photo 4

Looking Northwest (Miami and Charlotte)

Looking Southeast (New York)

Raleigh Seaboard Air Line Station used by Amtrak until 1986 (December 1977)

Raleigh Seaboard Air Line Station used by Amtrak until 1986 (June 1983)

Amtrak Train at Raleigh Seaboard Air Line Station (October 1984)

Raleigh Southern Railway Station used by Amtrak from 1986 (October 1986)

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