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Amtrak - Stockton, CA (ACE/Downtown Station)

Robert J. Cabral Station



Station Data:


N. Aurora & E. Weber Streets
Stockton, CA 95202



37.96 N, 121.28 W


6 m / 20 ft


291,707 (Census 2010)




Built in 1930, Brick


38,401 (FY2011)


Amtrak Train Information:

Train Name Route


[ Sacramento, CA - Stockton, CA - Fresno, CA - Bakersfield, CA ]


Urban Railroad Information:

Name Category

ACE (Altamont Commuter Express)

Commuter Train (San Jose - Stockton)

Visited on March 29, 2018

Photo 001 Photo 002

Station Entrance (Looking North)

Southern Pacific Depot

Photo 003 Photo 004

Southern Pacific Depot

Southern Pacific Depot

Photo 005 Photo 006

Street in front of the station

Clock Tower

Photo 007 Photo 008

Waiting Area

Platform Side Entrance

Photo 009 Photo 010

Platform (Looking North)

Platform (Looking South)

Photo 011 Photo 012

Platform (Looking North)

Amtrak Ticket Machine (Quik-Trak)

Photo 013 Photo 014

Looking North (Sacramento)

Looking South (Bakersfield)

Photo 015 Photo 016

Northbound #701 is arriving at Stockton ACE

Northbound #701 is arriving at Stockton ACE

Photo 017 Photo 018

The platform is used for Amtrak

The platform is used for Amtrak


Visited on December 5, 2005 - SP Depot was restored and opened to public in October 2003

Photo 01 Photo 02

Restored Southern Pacific Depot

Front View

Photo 03 Photo 04

Platform Side

Station in 1930 (Photo from waiting area)

Photo 05 Photo 06

Platform for ACE, not for Amtrak

Looking North (Dead End)

Photo 07 Photo 08

Passenger getting off at RR crossing

Stockton Downtown


Visited on December 15, 2001

Photo 1 Photo 2

Waiting Area for ACE trains

Former Station Building (Closed)

Photo 3 Photo 4

Looking North (Sacrament)

Looking South (Bakersfield)


Amtrak trains could not use the platform at ACE station before.  Passengers had to get on or off the train at Weber Avenue.  It means RR crossing was used for a platform.  Why didn't Amtrak trains use the ACE platform?  It was very hard to use the platform for Amtrak because the track was dead end at the north side, so the trains could not go through it.  Currently Amtrak trains can use the platform since the track was extended and connected to the main line (See the map below).

Former Southern Pacific Stockton Station (November 1979)

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