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Harley Dome
Harley Dome

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Harley Dome is along side of I 70 in far eastern Utah at exit #225. The road south of there takes you down through Coal Draw to Ruby Canyon and Westwater, mile post 488.4 on the present mainline. The road north is the old US 6&50.

A couple miles down the road you come upon the old RGW narrow gauge main line. There is quite a lot of it left in the area all the way to the Colorado state line. A couple of the dirt roads north of the old Hwy will also take you to old road beds. When I was there in March 2000, I ran across a large herd of antalope so they are in the area.

Rio Grande Western narrow gauge roadbed looking NW March 2000

Part of an Antalope herd north of Harley Dome, March 2000

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