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Woodside hotel in the 1880's.

From the Margaret A. Saville collection.
This is a picture of the Woodside Hotel that burned down in the early 1900's.

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Where in the heck is Woodside?? It is 26 miles north of Green River on US-6 where the Hwy crosses the Price River. In RR terms, it is mile post 581.4 with a 6310' siding. This is also one of the places the old Narrow Gauge RGW left the present day mainline following the Price River north for a while. It joined back in south of Verde. I have been told by a 25+ year DRGW, SP, UP and present day BNSF Conductor, that has always ran from GJ, CO west, that there were a lot of facilities in the old days. This is on my to do list one of these days.

Woodside school, 1880's

From the Margaret A. Saville collection.
School at Woodside, Utah 1907.

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