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UP Caboose

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UP caboose at Kyune, UT

The story starts west of Wash, Utah. A few of my friends were watching a work train pick up old rail from the ROW at Wash. We were also waiting for the daily dirt train from Helper to Columbia Junction. Of course there were two Tunnel Motors on the work train and three Tunnel Motors on the dirt train. We got word on the scanner that the MDVRO was just west of us. Hum, three things at once. Anyway, the M came and we got the required photos of the units and a couple of cars. I said to a friend kidding, "Don't forget to get the caboose". About that time, low and behold, there was a caboose coming around the corner. Got a couple pics and waited for the dirt train. Got the light show shot of DRGW 5360 then headed to Columbia Junction to get the silhouette shot for the Daily Trace page.

Back to the caboose. The MDVRO only had two units on it and was fairly long. We got word on the scanner of the train holding in Helper for help up the hill. At the same time a Utah coal called for help. Darn, here we are 25+ miles east of there. Mad dash for Helper and up the hill. Caught both trains in a drag race up the hill. Got a few pictures then off to Kyune. The MDVRO was dropping off the help and the caboose was right there for a good shot. Got lucky I guess.

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