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Kenilworth & Helper


The Kenilworth & Helper was built by the Independent Coal & Coke Company of Kenilworth to haul coal from the mines to Helper, 4.5 miles west. Two 25 ton Shays hauled cars from the siding to the tipple. The cars were weighed before entering the tipple area by a 100 ton Fairbanks 50 foot scale, and weighed by another set after being loaded. The company had enough siding adjacent to the tipple to store 100 cars, and enough at Kenilworth Junction near Helper for 150 more cars.

In 1926, a new and more convenient railroad from Helper to the mine, was constructed by the D&RGW to replace the one which passed through the main part of town, and which eliminated the dangers of the old steep grade.

The Kenilworth & Helper owned various Shays through out the years. A list of some of them is on the Shay page.

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