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National Coal RY


The National Coal RY ran from Darrah, now Wildcat Loadout, to the Union Mine. It also serviced the Great Western, National, Consumers and Sweet Mines. It was the acquistion of the Utah RY in the area. This acquisition appeared to be either a hostile take-over or a prearranged back-room deal.

The circumstantial evidence points to the later, but in any event the company retained its own entity within the Utah Railway Company. This was the National Coal Railway up Consumers. The Utah Railway optioned or purchased all their stock then submitted to the Public Utilities Commission of Utah and the Interstate Commerce Commission for control. This was granted on August 14, 1925 upon the following terms. To complete the sale of all stocks, to assume all expenses, obligations, and liabilities, and to pay the cost of the construction. The total cost of this acquisition was $589,082.

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