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Park City Lines


Utah Eastern RY
Summit County RY
Salt Lake & Eastern RY
Utah Central RY
Echo & Park City RR

The first company to construct a line to the Park City area was Utah Eastern RY, completing its narrow gauge line from Coalville in 1880. Both the Summit County RY and the Utah Eastern RY companys reached Park City on the same day over virtually parallel lines.

The Summit County RY started out building a line between Echo and Coalville prior to building the line to Park City. It was also being comverted to standard gauge at the same time.

The Union Pacific RR soon gained control of the Utah Eastern and shut it down in December 1883. Much to Union Pacific's chagrin, another local road was successful in reaching Park City. This time it was the Salt Lake & Eastern RY, completed up Parley's Canyon from Salt Lake City in 1890. Just before its track reached Park City, the company was reorganized as the Utah Central RY.

The Rio Grande gained control of this line in 1898, realigned and rebuilt the worst parts of it, made it standard gauge, and operated the route as its Park City Branch until 1946, at which time ost of the line was removed.

The Union Pacific operated its Park City Branch, originally, the Summit County RY and later the Echo & Park City RR, until late 1987. The line was removed during the summer of 1989.

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