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The following is from the SugarHouse Trolley web site. Click on SugarHouse Trolley above to visit their site. It is being constantly updated.

"One of the things that we noticed is that there are many Transportation Systems in the world that do their jobs very well of getting people to and fro (such as TRAX) and there are many Tourist Systems that are very enjoyable and fun to just ride. One of our favorites is the Trolley in Issaquah. So as we were looking at the unused rail in SugarHouse, we thought "what would happen if we combine both a commuter service and an enjoyable tourist attraction???" That began a petite Day-dream that has blossomed into our plan."

Douglas A. White
SugarHouse Trolley Association,Inc.
A Utah Non-Profit 501 (c) Charitable Corporation

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