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Salt Lake & Fort Douglas RY


The Salt Lake & Fort Dodge RY was organized in 1884 by John W. Young. This narrow gauge railway was built to haul stone from the quarries NE of Salt Lake City. The line ran from the Rio Grande depot on what then was Fifth West and Second South, south to the wye at Eighth South. From there it ran east to its own depot on Main Street.

Just east of the depot ran the Salt Lake & Jordan Canal. Young obtained rights to use the west bank along most of the canal. The main line was then built to Fort Dodge where a spur ran up Dry Canyon. The line continued through the Fort on up the Red Butte Canyon to several red sandstone quarries.

From the fort, he built a branch to the mouth of Emigration Canyon and one heading south with the intent of going up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Young only made it to Sugar House before the line was taken over by the Rio Grande.

The motive power was several small 2-6-0's and 4-4-0's plus one shay.

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