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Utah Central Railway


By the May 10, 1869 completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory, the Utah Central Railway was nearly complete from Ogden to Salt Lake City. The completion date was in Janurary 1870. It was known as one of the "Morman Roads". These lines were established more as a benefit to the communities they served rather than as profit-making enterprises. These "Mormon Roads," as some historians have called them, radiated like spokes of a wheel from Salt Lake City and Ogden. They made the movement of goods and people easier within the territory.

The Utah Central Railway had ten locomotives as follows:

Five 2-6-0's
Three 2-8-0's
Two, two truck shays

The line was bought by the D&RG in 1908. For more information on the motive power, please go to Keith Williams' site

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