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Utah Eastern RY


The Utah Eastern RY was organized in 1897 as a subsidiary of the RGW. The D&RGW had started the line from Prove to Heber city in 1889 and built as far as mile post 11.0. Construction started in 1898 and reached Heber City in September 1899. The original eleven miles had to be widened as the new line was standard gauge where as the original was narrow gauge. The Utah Eastern name was used mainly for construction purposes. When the line was completed, the line marged into the RGW system.

The line got the name, Heber Creeper do to the fact of the slow movement of the trains up the 2.0% grades to Heber City. The name still lives on to this day.

In 1967, D&RGW filed for abandonment. The state of Utah ended up buying the line for a tourist operation. The line is now known as the Heber Valley RR. The line runs from Bridal Vail Falls to Heber City.

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