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The following list of links is for freight carriers large and small including short lines and industrial operations that have official web sites. I will try to add and update at least monthly.

If you have corrections, additions or other, please drop me an e-mail. Official sites only.

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AAR Marks
The best site I can come up with for reporting marks.
Not a RR company, but a good site for links to the following: Passenger Railroads, Associations, Railway Labor Organizations, Government & Regulatory Agencies, Railway Supply Companies and Consultants and Information Resources.
AN Railroad
Rail Management Corporation (RMC) acquired the AN Railroad, L.L.C. from St. Joe Company on September 1, 2002. The office and shop facilities are located in Port St. Joe, FL. The railroad runs 96 miles between a connection with CSXT at Chatahoochee and Port St. Joe, FL.
Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Rwy (ACWR)
Site under construction.
Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad Company (AR)
When entrepreneur John Blue went into the timber and turpentine business in southeastern North Carolina in 1892, the region didn't have the railroad he needed to get his products to market. So, Mr. Blue began his own - the Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad Company - named for two of the communities along its line.
Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road (ADBF)
The Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Co. (ADBF) began operating on February 1991. It is 16.7 miles long and major commodities are grain, fertilizer, lumber and scrap. ADBF handles 1000 carloads of traffic annually. It interchanges with NS at Adrian and with IORY at Riga.
Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn AG
The railway line Ahaus-Alstätte near the Dutch- German border has a long tradition, with history that dates back to around 1898. Today, goods are still transported by rail between Ahaus and Alstätte on a regular basis, and AAE ensures a smooth operation of the line thanks to continuous investment.
Alabama Railroad Co. (ALAB)
The line runs from Flomaton to Corduroy, Alabama, and interchanges with CSX in Flomaton.
Alabama & Florida Railway Co. (AF)
This line runs from Georgiana to Geneva, Alabama, a distance of 76 miles and interchanges with CSX Transportation at Georgiana.
Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway (AGR)
The Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway is owned by RailAmerica.
Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARR)
The Alaska Railroad Corporation is a self-sustaining, full-service railroad serving ports and communities from the Gulf of Alaska to Fairbanks.
Alberta RailNet (ARN)
Servicing the former Canadian National Railway's Grande Prairie freight railroad network in northwestern Alberta.
Alexander Railroad (ARC)
The Junebug Line is an 18-mile shortline headquartered in Taylorsville, NC. It connects with the Norfolk Southern in Statesville, NC.
Allegheny & Eastern Railroad
Operates out of Warren, PA.
American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association
The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) is a non-profit trade association that represents the interests of its more than 400 short line and regional railroad members in legislative and regulatory matters.
Anacostia & Pacific Company (ARH)
Anacosta & Pacific Company, Inc. is one of the leaders of the modern Short Line Railroad movement.
Ann Arbor Railroad (AA)
The Ann Arbor Railroad operates between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio.
Arizona & California Railroad (ARZC)
The Arizona & California Railroad (ARZC) offers the most direct route between the Pacific Coast and Phoenix, Arizona.
Arizona Eastern Railway (AZER)
The Arizona Eastern Railway Company is one of eight freight and scenic short line railroads owned by StatesRail.
Arkansas & Missouri Railroad (AM)
Arkansas-Missouri Railroad is a proactive shortline that excels in the areas of marketing, maintenance of way, locomotive engineering, Operation LifeSaver, communications, community relations, freight car fleet, air brake shop, customer service, and most importantly, in safety and security.
Arkansas Midland Railroad (AKMD)
AKMD operates approximately 60 miles of track on 4 branch lines, interchanging with UP at North Little Rock, Gurdon, Lexa and Malvern, AR.
Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Railroad
We are a 6.3 mile railroad located in the center of Ashtabula County which is located in Northeastern Ohio.
Association of American Railroads
The Association of American Railroads represents North America's major freight railroads, including CPR. This site contains U.S. rail industry statistics, position papers and the latest industry news.
Athabasca Northern Railway (ANY)
Athabasca Northern Railway was created for the operation of the former CN Lac La Biche and Waterways Subdivisions, consisting of 202 miles of mainline track from Boyle, Alberta to Lynton, Alberta.
Atlantic & Western Railway
Operates out of Sanford, NC.
Austin Area Terminal Railroad (AUAR)
A subsidiary of TGS/Econo-Rail.
Australia Northern Railroad (ANR)
In April 2001, the Asia Pacific Transport Consortium (APTC) completed the arrangement of debt and equity capital to finance a US$650 million project to build, own and operate an 885-mile rail line from Alice Springs to Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. The Australian Railroad Group Pty. Ltd. (ARG) is a participant in APTC.
Australia Southern Railroad (ASR)
Australia Southern Railroad (ASR) provides intrastate rail freight services in South Australia for the haulage of bulk commodities including grain, gypsum, iron ore and limestone.
Australia Western Railroad (AWR)
AWR operates over more than 5000 kilometres of standard and narrow gauge track in Western Australia carrying about 30 million tonnes of predominantly bulk intrastate rail freight each year.
Australian Railroad Group Railroad
The company was formed as a Western Australian based joint venture between Wesfarmers Limited and international rail operator Genesee & Wyoming Inc. to acquire the Westrail freight business in December 2000. Genesee & Wyoming’s rail freight operations in South Australia were also incorporated into the Joint Venture at the time of the acquisition.
BNSF Short Line Directory
Page of connecting Shortlines. Information and/or links to their sites.
BC Rail (BCIT)
British Columbia Railway Company is a commercial crown corporation, wholly owned by the province of British Columbia. BC Rail is Canada's fourth largest railway.
Banverket-Swedish National Rail Administration
Banverket is responsible for the Swedish rail system.
Barrie/Collingwood Railway (BCRY)
The Barrie-Collingwood Railway (BCRY) provides timely, effective and safe rail car transportation and switching services for the customers of the City of Barrie and the Town of Collingwood, ON.
Batten Kill Railroad (BKRR)
Greenwich Ny shortline.
Bay Colony Railroad (BCLR)
Bay Colony Railroad Corporation is a short line freight railroad principally serving southeastern Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and the Millis - Milford - Needham Corridor.
Bay Line Railroad (BAYL)
Bay Line was purchased by RMC from Stone Container Corp. in January, 1994. The line from Panama City, FL to Dothan , AL was consolidated with the A&G Railroad to expand operations from Dothan to Abbeville, AL. BAYL operates over trackage rights on CSXT between Dothan and Grimes, AL to access the Abbeville line.
Belgian National Railways
The Belgian National Railways (NMBS/SNCB) were created in 1926 to exploit rail transport on the Belgian network.
Belt Railway (BRC)
The Belt Railway is the largest intermediate switching terminal railroad in the United States, employing more than 620 people. The Belt has 28 miles of mainline route with more than 300 miles of switching tracks, allowing it to interchange with every railroad serving the Chicago rail hub. The Belt's Clearing Yards span a 5.5 mile distance among 786 acres, supporting more than 250 miles of track.
Belvidere & Delaware River Railway (BDRV)
Belvidere & Delaware River Railway services local industries along the 32 miles of tracks in Western New Jersey.
Bessemer and Lake Erie R.R. (BLE)
A coal, iron ore and stone hauler owned by Great Lakes Transportation.
BethIntermodal, Inc.
BethIntermodal was incorporated in 1988 to create business opportunities at each of the various Subsidiary Railroads located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Indiana.
Bethlehem Steel's Subsidiary Railroad Companies
Bethlehem Steel's Subsidiary Railroad Companies consist of nine common carrier switching and terminal railroads, a motor carrier (Carrier Express), an intermodal services company (BethIntermodal) and a management company (BETHTRAN).
The Betuweroute is a double track freight railway linking the Port of Rotterdam directly to the European hinterland.
Birmingham Southern Railroad (BS)
The region's largest steel-making and manufacturing center is well served by the Birmingham Southern Railroad, one of the busiest local rail lines in the country.
Black River & Western RR (BRW)
Black River & Western RR runs from Phillipsburg to Milford, NJ as a freight carrier.
Blacklands Railroad (BLR)
The Blacklands Railroad is located in the northeast corner of Texas. The BLR got its name from the "black gumbo" soil which runs from near the Red River Oklahoma/Texas border to near Austin, Texas.
Brockville Central Railway
The Brockville Central Railway was founded in March of 1996, comprising of the former CP Brockville Sub. The line, which runs from Brockville to Smiths Falls, did not have a lot of traffic, but there was huge potential.
Brownsville and Rio Grande Valley International Railroad (BRG)
Brownsville and Rio Grande Valley International Railroad is a short line railroad that has interchange connections with Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroads via an intermediate switch with UP a connection with TFM, serving industries at the Port of Brownsville and surrounding areas.
Buckingham Branch Railroad (BB)
The Buckingham Branch Railroad is a small, family-owned shortline railroad in Central Virginia. It operates two separate lines, one being the Buckingham Division (owned by the Bryant Family) which is 17.3 miles long and runs between Dillywn and Bremo, Virginia and the other being the Shenandoah Division (owned by the Greater Shenandoah Valley Development Corp.) which is 20.2 miles long and runs between Staunton and Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad (BPRR)
The New York & Pennsylvania Region of Genesee & Wyoming, Inc.
Buffalo Southern Railroad (BSOR)
The Buffalo Southern Railroad (BSOR) is a locally owned shortline railroad company. Located in Western New York State, the mainline of the BSOR runs southward out of Buffalo towards Jamestown on a segment of 32 miles.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)
Burlington Northern Santa Fe operates one of the largest rail networks in North America, with 33,500 route miles covering 28 states and two Canadian provinces.
CN Short Line Directory
Page of connecting Shortlines. Information and/or links to their sites.
CPR Short Line Directory
Page of connecting Shortlines. Information and/or links to their sites.
CSX Short Line Directory
Page of connecting Shortlines. Information and/or links to their sites.
CSX Transportation Inc. (CSX)
CSX Transportation is a major eastern railroad, providing rail transportation and distribution services over a 22,700 route-mile network in 23 states, the District of Columbia and two Canadian provinces.
Cagy Industries, Inc.
CAGY Industries, Inc. (the Corporation), is a Delaware corporation organized for the purpose of serving as a holding company for various railroads and railroad service corporations.
California Northern Railroad (CFNR)
The California Northern Railroad (CFNR) serves the rich industrial and agricultural area of northern California.
Canadian National Railway Company (CN)
Canadian National Railway Company operates a network of approximately 16,000 route miles of track in Canada and the United States, generating revenues from the movement of a diversified and balanced portfolio of petroleum and chemicals, grain and fertilizers, coal, metals and minerals, forest products, intermodal and automotive.
Canadian Pacific Railway (CP)
CPR is a Calgary-based company and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Limited, which also operates Canadian Pacific Hotels, CP Ships, PanCanadian Petroleum, and Fording Coal.
Cando Contracting Ltd. (CCGX)
Cando Contracting Ltd. is a Short Line Holding Company.
Canton Railroad (CTN)
The Canton Railroad is a Class III, shortline switch carrier located in East Baltimore City and Baltimore County, Maryland.
Cape Brenton & Central Nova Scotia Railway (CBNS)
Operates out of Stellarton, Nova Scotia.
Carlton Trail Railway (CTRW)
Carlton Trail Railway operates over 279 miles of former Canadian National trackage in two segments in northwestern Saskatchewan.
Carolina Coastal Railway
A subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
Carolina Piedmont Railroad (CPDR)
Operates out of Laurens, SC.
Carrizo Gorge Railway (CZRY)
To provide dependable freight and passenger options to the international community along the U.S. - Mexican border.
Cartier Railway
Cartier Railway (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Québec Cartier Mining) transports the concentrate to Port-Cartier for processing at our pelletizing facilities or for shipment to our customers.
Cascade & Columbia River Railroad (CSCD)
Operates out of Omak, WA.
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway (CIC)
With its main line running through the growing I-380 corridor between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, CRANDIC owns or accesses hundreds of acres of property ideal and ready for economic development.
Central Manitoba Railway (CEMR)
(CEMR) is a newly formed, wholly owned subsidiary of Cando. It was created for the operation of the former CN Pine Falls and Carman subdivisions as a shortline railroad.
Central Michigan Railway (CMGN)
The Central Michigan Railway Company (CMGN) provides rail service to the Saginaw Valley and beyond.
Central Midland Railway
Operates out of Indianapolis, Indiana
Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad (CORP)
Operated out of Roseburg, OR.
Central Railroad of Indiana (CIND)
Operates out of Cincinnati, OH.
Central Railroad of Indianapolis (CERA)
Operates out of Cincinnati, OH.
Central Western Railway (CWR)
Operates out of Stettler, Alberta, Canada.
Charlotte Southern Rail Road (CHS)
The Charlotte Southern Rail Road (CHS) began operating January 1999. It is 3.25 miles long and its major commodity is grain.
Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway Company (CCKY)
The CCKY is a railroad common carrier with its principal location in the State of Georgia, and provides freight services over two rail lines.
Chemin de fer Baie des Chaleurs (CBC)
The Chemin de fer Baie des Chaleurs began operations in December 1996. Its system comprises 146 miles of former CN track linking Matapédia to Pabos, Quebec.
Chemin de fer Charlevoix (CFC)
The Chemin de fer Charlevoix began operations in November 1994. Its system comprises 90 miles of former CN track from Limoilou to Clermont, Quebec. It interchanges with CN at Limoilou.
Chemin de fer de la Matapédia et du Golfe (CFMG)
In December 1997, the Quebec Railway Corporation (QRC) and CN acquired the Matapedia Railway, a 105-mile line connecting Mont-Joli, Quebec, with Campbellton, New Brunswick.
Chesapeake & Albemarle Railroad (CA)
Operates out of Elizabeth City, NC.
Chicago Rail Link (CRL)
CRL provides switching and terminal service over 72 miles of track in the southern part of Chicago.
Chicago SouthShore & South Bend Railroad (CSS)
The Chicago SouthShore & South Bend Railroad is a strategically located 87 mile Short Line carrier connecting Northwest Indiana's industrial complex with 19 transcontinental, regional, and local railroads, including those within the Chicago Switching District.
City of Prineville Railway (COP)
The City of Prineville Railway (COPRY) is a customer oriented short line railroad operating in Central Oregon between Prineville and Prineville Junction.
Claremont Concord Railroad (CCRR)
The Claremont Concord Railroad has a 120-year history of providing freight rail service to western New Hampshire. We are Located on the Connecticut River Line, a busy rail corridor linking Canada with the north eastern United States. At our front door we access AMTRAK and interchange car traffic with both the ST and NECR.
Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad (CLP)
Vermont Rail System is an affiliation of four Vermont-based shortlines; the Vermont Railway, the Green Mountain Railroad, the Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad, and the Washington County Railroad, which have provided efficient, reliable rail freight service to a wide variety of customers for many years.
Columbia Basin Railroad (CBRW)
Columbia Basin Railroad (CBRW) is a shortline railroad serving Central Washington.
Columbia Terminal Railroad (COLT)
COLT (Columbia Terminal) is a short line railroad owned by the City of Columbia and operated by the Water and Light Department. The railroad provides service into Columbia, MO from the main rail line in Centralia.
Columbus and Greenville Railway (CAGY)
The C&G began operation on October 29, 1975, as a railroad common carrier between Columbus and Greenville, Mississippi.
Columbus and Ohio River Railroad (CUOH)
Southern Division Line of the Ohio Central Railroad System.
Commonwealth Railway
A subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
Connecticut Southern Railroad (CSO)
Operates out of East Hartford, CT.
Copper Basin Railway (CBRY)
Copper Basin is a railroad based in Hayden, AZ connecting with the UP and SMA. CBRY interchanges copper, copper concentrates and related products totaling about 10,000 carloads annually.
Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad (CCTA)
Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad, serving the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas. This port is primarily a bulk freight terminal with rail connections to UP, BNSF and Tex-Mex.
D&I Railroad
The D&I Railroad provides vital shortline rail service to southeastern South Dakota and northwest Iowa, with primary interchange points in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Sioux City, Iowa. Transportation of aggregates is the main focus of the D&I, augmented with seasonal shipment of grain.
Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad Corporation (DME)
Created in 1986 out of a railroad line others wanted to abandon, DM&E has overcome adversities and met many challenges to gain a prominent position among the nations regional railroads.
Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western Railroad
DMVW railroad operates approximately 555 miles of track in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. DMVW's network includes 435 miles of track that is leased from Canadian Pacific Railway (core), 45 miles of track from McKenzie to Linton, North Dakota (Linton Line), and 75 miles of track from Geneseo, ND, to Aberdeen, SD, (Britton Line).
Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad (DGNO)
The Dallas, Garland & Northeastern is a class 3 switching railroad, located in the northeastern part of the state of Texas. It's headquarters are located in Garland, a northeastern suburb of Dallas. The railroad runs over 300 miles of track, 25 which are owned, 200 leased and 100 miles is on trackage rights on other rail lines.
Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad Map (DGNO)
The Dallas, Garland & Northeastern map.
Danish State Railways
Danish State Railways (Denmark)
Decatur Junction Railway Co. (DT)
Approximately 38 miles of railroad is operated including 8 miles of trackage rights on the Canadian National Railway (CN) through Decatur, Illinois.
Delta Southern Railroad Company (DSRR)
Delta Southern Railroad Company, headquartered in Tallulah, Louisiana, is a short line freight railroad with 163.4 miles of track in Louisiana and Arkansas.
Detroit Connecting Rail Road (DCON)
The Detroit Connecting Rail Road (DCON) is owned by Andrian & Blissfield Rail Road Co. (ADBF). It began operations in December 1998 with 2.25 miles of track. The commodities carried by DCON are produce and scrap.
Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway (DMIR)
The Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway (Missabe) is the largest iron ore handling railroad in North America.
E&N Railway Company (ENR)
Operates out of Nanaimo, BC, Canada.
East Jersey Railroad (EJR)
Rail access from CSX/Norfolk-Southern Metroplex line, augmented by prompt flexible custom service on site through the wholly-owned shortline East Jersey Railroad Company.
East Tennessee Railway (ETRY)
Chartered in 1866 as the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad, the line ran from Johnson City, Tennessee to Boone, North Carolina. RMC purchased the railroad in 1983. By that time, the line had been abandoned between Elizabethton, TN and Boone, NC. ETRY today runs from Johnson City to Elizabethton, TN, 11 miles serving eight customers. The ETRY handles lumber, aluminum ingots, pulpboard, wire rod, propane gas, waste oil and contaminated soil.
Eastern Alabama Railway (EARY)
Twenty five mile Shortline home based out of Sylacauga, Alabama. The EARY interchanges with CSX and Norfolk Southern.
Eastern Idaho Railroad Company (EIRR)
The EIRR was establish in 1993, we operate 270 miles of former Union Pacific Railroad in Southeastern Idaho.
Effingham Railroad Company (EFRR)
The Effingham Railroad Company (EFRR) is a Class III line haul common carrier railroad operating within the Effingham Business Park in Effingham, Illinois.
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway (EJE)
Through Chicago's metropolitan area, from Waukegan, Illinois, to Gary, Indiana, at Lake Michigan's southern tip, the EJ&E slices through a cross- section of American economic diversity.
Elkhart & Western Railroad Co. (EWR)
The Elkhart & Western Railroad Co. (EWR) is a rail line running from Elkhart to Mishawaka, Indiana, a distance of approximately 9 miles.
Empresa Ferroviaria Oriental, S.A.
Genesee & Wyoming Inc. is a strategic investor in the Empresa Ferroviaria Oriental, S.A., a 1,243-kilometre network serving eastern Bolivia, headquartered in Santa Cruz de las Sierra.
English Welsh & Scottish Railway
English Welsh & Scottish Railway is the driving force behind Britain’s rail freight revival, bringing steady growth and an innovative service culture to the rail industry.
Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad (ELS)
The Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad Company operates a modern, full-service railcar repair and paint facility in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Located in Escanaba and Wells, the E&LS has turned out thousands of cars since 1991, including the conversion of boxcars from Plate B to Plate C.
Essex Terminal Railway (ETR)
The Essex Terminal Railway (ETL) is a short line railway that runs from the east side of Windsor, Ontario through the Town of LaSalle and terminates in Amherstburg, Ontario.
Everett Railroad (EV)
The Everett Railroad Company is a class-III common carrier railroad offering carload freight service in Blair County, Pennsylvania.
Fairfield Southern (BSRR)
Fairfield Southern Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Birmingham Southern Company, is a contract carrier operating within US Steel’s Fairfield Works at Fairfield, AL.
Farmrail System, Inc. is an employee-owned holding company for two Class III common-carrier railroads comprising “Western Oklahoma’s Regional Railroad.”
Ferrocarriles Chiapas Mayab S.A. de C.V. (FCCM)
The Ferrocarriles Chiapas Mayab is a regional carrier located within the Mexican states of Yucatán, Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco, Veracruz, and Oaxaca.
Ferrocarril Mexicano S.A. de C.V. (FXE)
Ferrocarril Mexicano (Ferromex), the privatized railroad company operating the former Pacific North region of the Mexican National Railway.
Ferronor & Potrerillos (Empressa de Transporte Ferroviario, S.A.)
Operations out of Coquimbo, Chile.
Finnish Rail Administration (RHK)
RHK is in charge of maintaining and developing the rail network, is responsible for the safety of rail traffic, and provides a competitive transport network for use by railway companies.
Florida Central Railroad (FCEN)
FCEN operates 65 miles of track and interchanges with CSXT in Orlando Florida.
Florida East Coast Industries (FEC)
Florida East Coast Railway
Florida Midland Railroad (FMID)
FMID operates 40 miles of track on 3 unconnected branch lines interchanging CSXT at Wildwood, Winter Haven and West Lake Wales, Florida.
Florida Northern Railroad (FNOR)
FNOR operates 27 miles of track and interchanges with CSXT in Ocala, Florida.
Fort Smith Railroad Co. (FSR)
On July 7, 1991, the Fort Smith Railroad Co. (FSR), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp, entered into a twenty-year lease (with three twenty-year renewals) with the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company (MP) to operate 49 miles of track from Fort Smith to Paris, Arkansas.
Fort Worth & Western Railroad (FWWR)
The Fort Worth & Western Railroad (FWWR) and Fort Worth & Dallas Belt Railroads operate under corporate parent company, Tarantula Corporation, based in Fort Worth, Texas.
Freight Australia
Operations out of Melbourne, Australia.
A UK Intermodal and Heavy Haul Line.
GATX primarily focuses on leasing assets that include railroad cars and locomotives, jet commercial aircraft, and technology and marine assets.
GB Railfreight
GB Railfreight Ltd is a new company set up to provide high quality, flexible rail freight services in the UK.
Gadsden Switching (GSS)
Gadsden Switching Service, Inc. (GSS) provides industrial & in-plant railroad switching services to the Gadsden Industrial Park (formerly Gulf States Steel) located in Gadsden, AL.
Galveston Railroad (GVSR)
GVSR operates on thirty-two miles of yard track with 126 turnouts. A majority of the yard tracks are 90# rail with all mainline tracks and turnouts having recently been upgraded to 115# rail. The rail facilities are spread over about fifty acres. GVSR delivers cars on tracks owned by the Port of Galveston, BNSF, UP and Farmland, Ind.
Garden City Western Railway (GCW)
On May 1, 1999, Pioneer Railcorp purchased the Garden City Western Railway Co. (GCW), a 45-mile rail line located in southwestern Kansas and based in Garden City.
Genesee and Wyoming (GWI)
Between 1982 and 1997, the Company and its affiliates acquired 18 railroads in the United States, Canada and Australia; and Rail Link, Inc., a leading provider of railroad switching and related services.
Georgia Central Railway (GA)
GC began operations over the lines between Savannah and Vidalia, Vidalia and Macon and Vidalia and Rhine, GA on November 21, 1990. These lines were purchased/leased from CSX Transportation. Connections are maintained with CSXT in Savannah, GA, with NS in Dublin and Macon, GA and with GSWR in Vidalia. GC provides daily service to customers.
Georgia Northeastern Railroad (GNRR)
On August 1st of 1990, several local investors purchased all of the outstanding stock of the Georgia Northeastern Railroad Company, Inc. ("GNRR"). The GNRR is a shortline railroad which runs from Marietta to Elijay, Georgia. Although construction of this line did not begin until 1874, it was initially chartered in Georgia as The Ellijay Railroad in 1854, seven years before the Civil War.
Georgia Southwestern Railroad (GSWR)
Georgia Southwestern is a shortline freight railroad operating in the southwest portion of Georgia and the eastern part of Alabama. The railroad operates over 282 miles of track providing service around the area.
Georgia Woodlands Railroad (GWRC)
The GWRC is an essential distribution link for the rural and industrial businesses of Wilkes County, Georgia.
Georgian Railway
Georgian railway is a vital artery linking the Black and Caspian Seas and important part of the Euro -Asian Transportation Corridor - the shortest rote between Europe and Central Asia, the north and south.
Gettysburg & Northern Railroad (GET)
On February 20, 2001, the Gettysburg & Northern Railroad Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp, purchased 25 miles of railroad and facilities from various corporate entities owned by John H. Marino of Manassas, Virginia. The line formerly known as the Gettysburg Railway Co. runs northward from a connection with CSX at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Mount Holly Springs where there is a connection with Norfolk Southern.
Gloster Southern Railroad (GLSR)
The Gloster Southern Railroad began Operations in August of 1986 between the Georgia-Pacific Plywood mill at Gloster, Mississippi and the IC interchange at Slaughter, Louisiana 20 miles north of Baton Rouge.
Goderich-Exeter Railway (GEXR)
Operates out of Kitchener, ON.
Golden Isles Terminal Railroad
A subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. serving Brunswick, GA
Grand Rapids Eastern (GR)
Operates out of Greenville, MI.
Great Miami & Scioto Railway (GMRY)
The Great Miami & Scioto Railway Company serves Ross, Jackson, and Vinton Counties in Southeastern Ohio.
Great Northwest Railroad (GRNW)
The Great Northwest Railroad (GRNW) is located in the Idaho Panhandle near the Washington State Line and consists of approximately 177 mainline miles in three directions. From Lewiston, seventy-two of those miles lead west to Riparia, Washington; 75 miles east to Kooskia, Idaho; and 29 miles south from Orofino, Idaho to Revling, Idaho. The GRNW interchanges with both the BNSF and UPRR at Ayer, Washington, approximately 85 miles west.
Great Western Railway (GWR)
Greatly expanding its customer base since its acquisition, the GWR has become a vital link in northern Colorado's transportation network.
Great Western Railway of Iowa (CBGR)
The CBGR is a terminal switching carrier with a large storage yard. The railroad operates entirely within the city limits of Council Bluffs, IA.
Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway (GWWD)
The Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway (GWWD) is a 100 mile shortline railway connecting the City of Winnipeg with Waugh, Manitoba which is located on Shoal Lake, the source of City of Winnipeg's drinking water.
Guilford Rail System (GTIS)
The Guilford Rail System is a Holding Company for severial freight carriers in New England.
Gyõr-Sopron-Ebenfurth Railway
Austrian private railway
Hamersley Iron
Owned and maintained fully by Hamersley, the heavy haul standard gauge track spans a total distance of 638 kilometres. The line runs from the Paraburdoo mine, through Mount Tom Price, with spurs to Brockman, Marandoo and Yandicoogina operations and on to the port at Dampier.
Heart of Georgia Railroad (HOG)
In December of 1999, the Heart of Georgia Railroad Inc. was incorporated in the state of Georgia for the purpose of operating a rail line running between Vidalia, Georgia, and Mahrt, Alabama.
Helm Financial Corporation (HLMX)
Helm Financial Corporation is a major leasor of railcars and locomotives in North America.
Herzog (HZGX)
Today Herzog is considered one of the leading railroad and mass transit contractors, providing a broad range of services.
Hoosier Southern Railroad (HOS)
The Perry County Port Authority d/b/a the Hoosier Southern Railroad (HOS) was created by a resolution of the Perry County, Indiana, Board of Commissioners in 1991 to purchase Norfolk Southern's (NS) 19.8 miles rail line from Santa Claus to Cannelton, Indiana.
Hudson Bay Railway (HBRY)
Hudson Bay Railway (HBRY) operates over 810 miles of former Canadian National trackage.
Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority (HMCR)
Providing rail freight service in Southern Madison County and connecting with Norfolk Southern Railway in downtown Huntsville, AL.
Huron Central Railway (HCRY)
The Huron Central Railway runs between Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada (bordering on Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) and Sudbury, Ontario.
Huron & Eastern Railway (HESR)
Operates out of Vassar, Michigan.
Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail)
Iarnród Éireann Freight offers a wide range of Rail and Road Freight distribution services, from a single letter or parcel to full train loads.
Idaho Northern & Pacific Railroad (INPR)
The Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad Company (INPR), is a 210 mile property composed of four former UPRR branch lines operating in southwestern Idaho and northeastern Oregon. The INPR serves and switches many industrial customers around the Boise area. Shipments are predominately forest products, agricultural products and chemicals.
Illinois & Midland Railroad (IMRR)
The Illinois & Midland Railroad (I&M) serves greater Peoria, Springfield, Havana and many other communities in central Illinois.
Illinois Western Railroad (ILW)
The Illinois Western Railroad is a Class III linehaul railroad operating within the Howard M. Wolf Business Park in Greenville, Illinois.
Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (IHB)
The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad is the largest switch carrier in the U.S. with 54 miles of mainline track (24 miles of which is double main track) and 266 miles of additional yard and siding track.
Indiana Ohio Central Railway (IOCR)
Operates out of Springfield, OH.
Indiana & Ohio Railway (IORY)
Operates out of Cincinnati, OH.
Indiana Rail Road (INRD)
The Indiana Rail Road Company is a 155-mile shortline railroad—serving customers in central and southwest Indiana and east-central Illinois.
Indiana Southern Railroad (ISRR)
Operates out of Petersburg, IN.
Indiana Southwestern Railroad (ISW)
The Indiana Southwestern Railway Co. (ISW) became Pioneer Railcorp's 15th shortline railroad subsidiary at 12:01AM on April 1, 2000.
Inland Railway Line
The Inland Railway Line runs through 1100 km of northern Sweden´s inland from Mora in the south to Gällivare in the north.
Iowa Interstate Railroad (IAIS)
Headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa, Iowa Interstate Railroad Ltd. (IAIS), operates between Omaha, Nebraska and Chicago, Illinois on the former Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific mainline.
Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad (ICE)
The Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad operates out of Bettendorf, IA.
Israel Railways
The Israel Railway currently serves as one of the largest freight carriers in Israel.
Juniata Valley Railroad (JVRR)
Lewistown, PA based Short Line.
KTM Berhad
Freight rail services in Malaysia.
KWT Railway (KWT)
KWT purchased the rail line from Bruceton, Tennessee to Murray, Kentucky from CSX Transportation in February, 1987. Prior to the purchase by KWT, CSXT sold the line from Murray to Hardin, Kentucky to J&J Railroad. The line north of Hardin to Paducah, Kentucky was abandoned by CSXT during the early 1980's.
Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad (K&O)
At 920 Miles, and carrying over 55,000 carloads annually, the K&O Railroad is one of the largest single shortlines in the industry.
Kansas City Southern Industries (KCSI)
Kansas City Southern Industries (KCSI), an independent transportation company comprised of five primary railroads: Kansas City Southern (KCS), Texas Mexican (Tex Mex), Grupo Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana (TFM) and Panama Canal Railway Co. (PCRC).
Kelowna Pacific Railway (KPR)
The KPR is located in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. The network consists of 104.2 miles of mainline track, 6.4 miles of associated sidings and spurs, and approximately 25.6 miles of running rights on Canadian Pacific Railway. The KPR connects with CN's Kamloops Yard.
Kendallville Terminal Railway Co. (KTR)
The Kendallville Terminal Railway Co. (KTR) is a rail line that serves the city's Industrial Park in Kendallville, Indiana.
Keokuk Junction Railway Co. (KJRY)
The 38-mile line operates between Keokuk, Iowa, and LaHarpe, Illinois and interchanges with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Company and the Toledo Peoria & Western Railroad.
Kiamichi Railroad (KRR)
The Kiamichi Railroad began operations on July 22,1987. It consists of over 230 miles of former Burlington Northern Railroad Company trackage in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. This mileage has been part of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company (Frisco) prior to its merger with the Burlington Northern.
Kiski Junction Railroad (KJR)
We operate along the Kiski and Allegheny rivers in Armstrong County, Southwest Pa.
Kowloon-Canton Railway
Hong Kong Railway
Korean National Railroad
Korean National Railroad.
Kyle Railroad (KYLE)
Kyle Railroad operates on 692 miles of track in the northern tier of Kansas, eastern Nebraska and eastern Colorado serving the agriculture rich winter wheat and feed grain region of the high plains.
Lake State Railway (LSRC)
East Tawas, MI shortline.
Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad (LSI)
Site under construction.
Lake Terminal Railroad Company (LT)
Lake Terminal Railroad Company, located in Lorain, OH on the shores of Lake Erie, is a terminal switching carrier serving Republic Technologies International (RTI) and Lorain Tubular.
Lakeland & Waterways Railway (LWR)
Operates out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Lancaster & Chester Railway
The L&C Railway is a privately owned, well-capitalized, financially strong, short line railroad based in Lancaster, South Carolina, 35 miles south of Charlotte, NC.
Lapeer Industrial Rail Road (LIRR)
The Lapeer Industrial Rail Road (LIRR) is owned by Andrian & Blissfield Rail Road Co. (ADBF). It began operations in June 1999 with 2 miles of track. The major commodities carried by LIRR are Chemicals and grain.
Latvijas Dzelzcelš
Latvian Railway.
Little Kanawha River Rail (LKRR)
Our Short-Line Railroad, located in Marietta, OH, interchanges with CSX and offers direct rail-to-barge and barge-to-rail transfers up to 600 tons per hour.
Little Rock & Western Railway (LRWN)
The Little Rock & Western Railway, L.P., a Class III revenue carrier, was formed and began operations on June 1, 1980 as an interim operator owned by Green Bay Packaging Corporation. Operations began in the old Rock Island Depot at Perry Arkansas until fall of 1983, when a new office was completed south of the tracks across from the old depot.
Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad (LAL)
LAL's Northern Division operates in New York's Livingston and Monroe Counties south of Rochester. Our Southern Division operates in Steuben County west of Corning. The affiliated Ontario Central Railroad serves Ontario County southeast of Rochester.
Lorain & West Virginia Railway (LAWV)
Operates in Lorain County, Ohio.
Louisiana & Delta Railroad (LDRR)
In 1987, the Louisiana & Delta Railroad (L&D), headquartered in New Iberia, Louisiana, acquired seven Southern Pacific branch lines between New Orleans and Lafayette.
Louisville & Indiana Railroad (LIRC)
The Louisville & Indiana Railroad was formed in March 1994 to acquire 106 miles of rail line between Indianapolis and Louisville.
Luxapalila Valley Railroad (LXVR)
The LXVR was incorporated in February 1996 to acquire the rail line owned by the C&G from Columbus, Ms., to the Mississippi/Alabama state line and the continuance of that rail line to Belk, AL, owned by the NS.
Lycoming Valley Railroad (LVRR)
Williamsport, PA based Short Line.
M&B Railroad (MNBR)
The M&B Railroad, L.L.C. (MNBR) is a single track railroad 50.36 miles in length operating between Meridian, Mississippi and Myrtlewood, Alabama. MNBR operates 19.66 miles within the state of Mississippi and 30.7 miles within Alabama.
Mackenzie Northern Railway (MNR)
Operates out of Peace River, Alberta, Canada.
Madison Railroad (CMPA)
Madison Railroad in Jefferson County, Indiana, is your choice for an affordable, accessible, and strategically located solution to grow your business.
Manufacturers' Junction Railway (MJ)
The MJ was incorporated to serve the former Western Electric Hawthorne Works in Cicero, Illinois.
Maryland Midland Railway (MMID)
MMID is recognized Nationally for providing its customers with the most competitive price, service and equipment packages possible.
Massachusetts Central Railroad (MCER)
The Massachusetts Central Railroad Corporation (MassCentral), was established in 1975 to provide railroad transportation services between Palmer and South Barre, MA.
McKeesport Connecting Railroad (MKC)
The McKeesport Connecting Railroad, located along the Monongahela River in McKeesport, PA, is a terminal switching railroad serving the Camp-Hill pipe mill.
Michigan Shore Railroad (MS)
Operates out of Greenville, MI.
Michigan Southern Railroad Co. (MSO)
The MSO serves a diverse commodity base including scrap metal and paper, fertilizer, aggregates, animal by-products, and manufactured and food products.
Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad
Located in the high growth corridor between its namesake boroughs, the Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad (M&H) is positioned to meet today’s service needs and tomorrow’s business opportunities in beautiful and historic Central Pennsylvania.
Mid-Michigan Railroad (MMRR)
Operates out of Greenville, MI.
Mississippi Central Railroad Co. (MSCI)
The railroad runs from Oxford, Mississippi to Grand Junction, Tennessee, a total of 56.5 miles, 51 of which are located in Mississippi.
Mississippi Delta Railroad (MSDR)
Mississippi Delta RR (MSDR) was acquired from ICRR and began operation December 1985.
Mississippi Export Railroad (MSE)
Headquartered in Moss Point, Mississippi Export Railroad is a 42-mile short line railroad extending from Evanston, MS to the north and Pascagoula, MS to the south.
Mississippi & Skuna Valley Railroad (MSV)
The Mississippi & Skuna Valley Railroad was incorporated June 1st, 1925. The line extends from Bruce, Mississippi 21.5 miles to Bruce Junction where it connects to the Illinois Central Railroad. This railroad is owned and operated by Weyerhauser Company.
Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad (MNA)
Operates out of Carthage, MO.
Modesto & Empire Traction (MET)
Modesto & Empire Traction Company (M&ET) is a short-line railroad situated in a 2000-acre industrial park known as the Beard Industrial District in Modesto, California.
Montana Rail Link, Inc. (MRL)
Montana Rail Link, Inc., is a regional Class II railroad serving more than 100 stations in Montana, Idaho and Washington.
Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA)
Our Mission is to offer superior transportation consisting of more frequent, dependable train service, at competitive prices, with proper equipment, accomplished by customer-minded and safety conscious employees, to enable our customers and our company to succeed.
Morristown & Erie Railway (ME)
The M&E is a shortline freight railroad serving customers in Morris and Essex counties in New Jersey.
Mount Hood Railroad
Mt. Hood Railroad is a 22 mile short line located 60 miles east of Portland Oregon via Interstate 84. Hood River may also be approached from the south via Highway 35.
The worlds largest independent locomotive rebuilder.
The NSB group consists of the parent company NSB BA with its seven business units and four wholly-owned subsidiaries.
NS Short Line Directory
Page of connecting Shortlines. Information and/or links to their sites.
National Rail
Established 1991 to operate Australia's national rail service.
Nebraska Central Railroad Company (NCRC)
The Nebraska Central Railroad Company (NCRC), is a 340 mile network composed of five former UPRR branch lines and one former BNSF branch line. Trackage rights include rights on 70 miles of UPRR main line between North Platte and Omaha, NE. NCRC, through its connection with Union Pacific (at Columbus, Central City and Grand Island) and BNSF (at David City), is an integral part of grain shipments in the region.
Nebraska Kansas Colorado RailNet (NKCR)
Nebraska Kansas Colorado RailNet, (NKCR) is a shortline Railroad based in Grant, NE.
Netherlands Railways
Netherlands Railways (Site is in Dutch language only.)
New Brunswick East Coast (NBEC)
The New Brunswick East Coast Railway (NBEC), owned by the Quebec Railway Corporation, runs between Campbellton and Pacific Junction (near Moncton), New Brunswick.
New Brunswick Southern Railway (NBSR)
The only railkroad with direct connections from the Maritimes to the U.S. Northeast markets.
Newburgh & South Shore Railroad (NSR)
NSR was originally built to serve U.S. Steel's Cleveland area steel mills.
New England Central Railroad (NECR)
Operates out of St. Albans, VT.
New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway (NOGC)
The New Orleans and Gulf Coast Railway Company (NOGC), is a former Union Pacific Railroad branch line located outside New Orleans. The NOGC is a 32 mile long railroad that interchanges with the UP in Westwego. The railroad serves over twenty switching an industrial customers and is the only railroad operating east of Avondale, LA on the Westbank.
New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB)
Described as "unique and unusual," the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad is a non-profit switching railroad. It was created to provide uniform and impartial rail service to the New Orleans area, in the safest, most efficient, and economical way.
New York & Atlantic Railway (NYA)
New York & Atlantic Railway began operation in May 1997 of the privatized concession to operate freight trains on the lines owned by Long Island Rail Road.
New York & Lake Erie Railroad (NYLE)
The New York & Lake Erie Railroad (NYLE) operates in Cataraugus County, NY, about 30 miles south of Buffalo.
New York Regional Rail Corporation
New York Regional Rail Corporation (OTC BB: NYRR) is a transportation holding company. Its two principal subsidiaries are New York Cross Harbor Railroad (NYCH) and JS Transportation (JST).
New York, Susquehanna & Western Rwy (NYSW)
Site under construction.
Newburgh & South Shore Railroad (NSR)
NSR was originally built to serve U.S. Steel's Cleveland area steel mills. Today it is a rapidly growing short line serving Birmingham Steel's American Steel & Wire Division, as well as a diverse customer base that includes Cleveland Plywood, Dougherty Lumber, Ferro Corporation, General Electric, Marquette Steel, Minneapolis Flour, North Coast Ferrous, and Phillips Metals.
Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad (NBER)
Milesburg, PA based Short Line.
Norfolk Southern (NS)
Norfolk Southern is a Virginia-based holding company with headquarters in Norfolk. It owns a major freight railroad, Norfolk Southern Railway Company, and a natural resources company, Pocahontas Land Corporation.
Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line (NPB)
The Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad "Belt Line" began business in 1898 after having been formed by eight "line-haul" railroads. Today, after mergers and consolidations of the original owners, Norfolk Southern Corporation owns fifty-seven percent of the Company and CSX Corporation owns forty-three percent.
North Carolina & Virgina Railroad (NCVA)
Operates out of Ahoskie, NC.
North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA)
The Mission of the North Coast Railroad Authority is to provide a unified & revitalized rail infrastructure meeting the freight and passenger needs of the region.
North Shore Railroad (NSHR)
The North Shore Railroad is a Holding Co. for various Short Lines operating in Pennsylvania.
Northern Illinois & Wisconsin Railway (NIWX)
Northern Illinois & Wisconsin Railway Corporation, an Illinois corporation, is a locomotive leasing, finance and equipment management company founded in 1999.
Northern Ireland Railways
Northern Ireland Railways was founded in 1968 to operate the railway services of the former Ulster Transport Authority.
Northern Ohio & Western Railway (NOW)
NOW operates a former Pennsylvania Railroad main line southeast of Toledo, extending 21 miles from Woodville to Tiffin.
Northern Plains Railroad
Based at Fordville, North Dakota, the Northern Plains Railroad, junctions with both the Canadian Pacific and Burlington Northern Railroads.
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad (OHPA)
Northern Division Line of the Ohio Central Railroad System.
Ohio Central Railroad (OHCR)
The Ohio Central Railroad System is a network of seven Class III Common Carrier railroads providing freight and passenger excursions throughout Eastern and North-Eastern Ohio .
Ohio Southern Railroad (OSRR)
Southern Division Line of the Ohio Central Railroad System.
Oil Creek & Titusville Lines (OCTL)
The Oil Creek & Titusville Lines provides freight service between Rouseville and Titusville, PA and between Corry and Meadville, PA in northwest Pennsylvania.
Okanagan Valley Railway (OKAN)
Okanagan Valley Railway connects Canadian Pacific Railway with customers on 94 miles of track in British Columbia's fertile Okanagan Valley.
Old Augusta Railroad (OAR)
The Old Augusta Railroad is located at New Augusta, MS about a one hour drive northwest of Mobile, AL.
OmniTRAX is one of the largest, privately owned operators of short line railroads in North America, operating twelve railroads in seven states and three Canadian provinces totaling 2,800 miles.
Ontario Northland
The Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC) was established in 1902 to develop the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway (T & NO), a 110-mile rail line between North Bay and the Tri-town area. In 1946, the name T & NO was changed to Ontario Northland to better reflect the company's increasing diversity of services.
Orangeville Brampton Railway
The Town of Orangeville purchased the 55-km section of the Owen Sound Subdivision that connects Orangeville to the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in Streetsville, Mississauga. The Town has established a company, the Orangeville Railway Development Corporation (ORDC), to manage the railway property.
Ottawa Central Railway (OCRR)
The Ottawa Central Railway (OCR), owned by the Quebec Railway Corporation, started operation on December 13th 1998 and runs between Pembroke, Ontario and Coteau, Quebec.
Ottawa Valley Railway (OVR)
Operates out of North Bay, Ontario.
Otter Tail Valley Railroad (OTVR)
Operates out of Fergus Falls, MN.
Pacific Harbor Line (PHL)
Pacific Harbor Line, Inc. provides rail transportation, maintenance and dispatching services to the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, the largest port container facilities in the world.
Pacific National
Australia's largest private rail freight operator with an annual operating revenue of more than $1 billion.
Operating in all states and the Northern Territory, we have around 3100 staff, 1000 locomotives, 10200 wagons and 85 sites.
Paducah & Louisville Railway (PAL)
The P&L, located in Western Kentucky, is recognized as one of the premier regional railroads in the United States.
Palouse River (PCC)
The Palouse River & Coulee City Railroad is a shortline railroad serving the East Central parts of the state of Washington and provides service to shippers on approximately 100 miles of trackage.
Panama Canal Railway Co. (PCRC)
The Panama Canal Railway Co. (PCRC), a joint venture of KCSI and Mi-Jack Products of Hazelcrest, Ill., will provide ocean-to-ocean transshipment service between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on a railway that runs parallel to the Panama Canal.
Panhandle Northern Railroad (PNR)
PNR is a former Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (now BNSF) line which operates on 31 miles of track and runs between the towns of Panhandle and Borger, TX.
Pennsylvania Southwestern Railroad (PSWR)
The PSWR is the first shortline railroad east of the Mississippi for Watco Companies, and places Watco in 18 states nationwide. The PSWR is also the company's first operation serving a steel mill. Twelve mainline miles of track make up the shortline.
We are a railway freight and passenger transportation consortium formed by Ferrocarril Transandino S.A., concessionaire firm of the roads and infrastructure of the southern and southeastern railways and PeruRail, train operator.
Pinsly Railroad Company
Pinsly Railroad Company is one of the oldest short line railroad companies in the United States.
Pioneer Industrial Railway Co. (PRY)
The railroad was the first line that Pioneer attempted to acquire in 1983, and serves as the inspiration for the modern day Pioneer Railcorp.
Pioneer Railcorp (PREX)
Pioneer Railcorp is a short line railroad holding company which owns thirteen railroad subsidiaries.
Pioneer Valley Railroad (PVRR)
PVRR operates 16 miles of track and interchanges with CSXT in Westfield, MA and with Springfield Terminal in Holyoke, MA.
Port Bienville Railroad (PVBR)
The Port Bienville Railroad was built by Hancock County Mississippi to serve the Port Bienville Industrial Park. It is operated under the authority of the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission.
Port Colborne Harbour Railway (PCHR)
The Port Colborne Harbour Railway (PCHR) originally consisted of 7.2 miles of track purchased by the City Of Port Colborne in June of 1997 from Canadian National.
Port Jersey Railroad (PJR)
The Port Jersey Railroad Company (PJRR) provides rail freight service in Bayonne and Jersey City, NJ.
Port Terminal Railroad Association
The Port Terminal Railroad is an association of all the railroads coming into Houston. It was formed in 1924 for the purpose of furnishing impartial switching service, by a neutral, for the benefit of all members. Area of service is along both sides of the Houston Ship Channel. The current members are the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, the Texas Mexican Railroad Company, and the Union Pacific Railroad Company.
Port of Tillamook Bay RR (POTB)
The Port of Tillamook Bay brings goods to market via its own shortline railroad, which stretches 88.3 miles from Tillamook into the suburbs of Portland, Oregon.
Portland & Western (PNWR)
Willamette & Pacific Railroad, and Portland & Western Railroad, together operate a regional system of 434 miles in northwestern Oregon providing quality railroad service to more than 135 customers.
Progressive Rail
Your "one call handles it all" source for all your transportation, warehousing and local cartage logistics.
Providence and Worcester Railroad Company (PW)
P&W is a regional freight railroad operating in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.
Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad (PSAP)
The Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad (PSAP) serves the timber producing, industrial and agricultural areas of Western Washington.
Quebec-Gatineau Railway (QGRY)
The Quebec–Gatineau Railway, acquired from CP Rail provides rail transportation services to the major industrial regions and ports in the Province of Quebec.
Queensland Rail
With 9500 kilometres of narrow gauge track and an annual revenue of almost $2.0 billion, QR is one of Australia's largest and most modern rail networks.
R.J. Corman Railroad Company (RJCR)
R.J. Corman Railroad Company LLC, a full service supplier to the rail industry, is based in Nicholasville, Kentucky, with operations in Kentucky and more than a dozen other states.
RailAmerica, Inc. (RAMX)
Boca Raton, Florida-based RailAmerica, Inc. is the world's largest short line and regional railroad operator. It owns or has interests in 47 railroads operating approximately 12,000 route miles in the United States, Canada, Australia and the Republic of Chile.
Railion is the result of a merger involving DB Cargo AG and NS Cargo NV, and therefore Europe’s first truly international rail company.
Rail Link, Inc. (RLIX)
Rail Link serves twenty-three industrial customers in nine states and currently operates six short line railroads, four of which serve major U.S. ports.
Railway Association of Canada
The Railway Association of Canada is an industry association representing 54 railways operating in Canada.
Rail Management Corporation
Rail Management Corporation (RMC) formed in 1980 is a diverse transportation company involved in shortline railroad operations, trucking operations, rail equipment and locomotive leasing.
The Railway Industry's Home on the Internet.
Richmond Pacific Railroad (RPRC)
The Levin-Richmond Terminal Corporation, a dry bulk marine terminal located 10 miles East of the Golden Gate Bridge, traffic is handled by the Richmond Pacific Railroad (RPRC). Within the Terminal, the wharves are equipped with double tracks and served by a network of spur tracks. Thereafter, railcars are transferred to the holding yard which connects directly to the transfer tracks of the Union Pacific (UP) and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF).
Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad (RBMN)
The Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad is a regional railroad in eastern Pennsylvania that operates over 300 miles of track.
Reading & Northern Railroad
The Reading & Northern Railroad is a regional railroad in eastern Pennsylvania that operates over 300 miles of track.
Red River Valley & Western Railroad (RRVW)
The Red River Valley & Western Railroad is proud to be North Dakota's regional railroad.
Renfe, Spanish National Railways, passenger and goods railroad services, strives each day to offer quality services, integrated in the social environment
Réseau Ferré de France
On February 13th, 1997, the law instigating "Réseau Ferré de France" for the renewal of rail transport was voted. The law and its corresponding application decrees of May 5th, 1997 set out a new landscape for rail transport in France.
Rio Grande Pacific Corporation
Rio Grande Pacific Corporation and its affiliate companies are a global team of experts involved with the structuring, formation, start-up, acquisition and management of short line and regional railroad companies.
Robe River Iron
Ore from Mesa J is railed 200 kilometres to the processing plant and shipping facility at Cape Lambert.
Roberval & Saguenay Railway (RS)
The Roberval & Saguenay Railway (RS) was first chartered in 1908 by the Chemin de Fer Baie des Ha! Ha! to serve a pulp mill at Chicoutimi, Quebec, as the least expensive way to get pulp to market.
Rochester & Southern Railroad (RSR)
The New York & Pennsylvania Region of Genesee & Wyoming, Inc.
SMS Rail Lines (SLRS)
SMS Rail Lines has provided custom rail service for Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania since June 1994. Now serving three branch lines in the Delaware Valley Region, the SMSRL System serves all our customers with the highest quality service offered by any class 1 or short line railroad in the region.
Safe Handling Rail
As a result of a contract awarded to us by The Maine Department of Transportation, Safe Handling operates a short line railroad in Maine from Brunswick to Rockland and Augusta.
Saginaw Valley Railway (SGVY)
Operates out of Vassar, Michigan.
Salt Lake City Southern
The Salt Lake City Southern Railroad Company serves more than 30 freight customers in the Salt Lake Valley between downtown Salt Lake City and Draper, a distance of 25 miles.
San Diego & Imperial Valley Railroad (SDIY)
Operates out of San Diego, CA.
San Joaquin Valley Railroad (SJVR)
The San Joaquin Valley Railroad operates 341 miles of track between Fresno and Bakersfield, California.
San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG)
The SLRG, headquartered in Alamosa, Colorado, operates two segments of rail line in Colorado totaling 154 miles from Walsenburg to Derrick, and from Alamosa to Antonito.
Sand Springs Railway (SSRC)
Built in 1911 by Charles Page to provide passenger and freight service to the Sand Springs and Tulsa communities, the Sand Springs Railway Company is the "Can Do" railroad that is aggressive, innovative and thoroughly non-traditional. Plus, we are totally service oriented and customer driven.
Savannah Port Terminal Railroad (SAPT)
A subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. serving Garden City, GA.
Santa Fe Southern Railway (SFSR)
Santa Fe Southern Railway has been in the freight business since our first day of business in 1992, when our partners bought the line from the AT&SF. The line runs 18.1 miles from the BNSF mainline connection in Lamy, NM, to its terminus at the historical depot in Santa Fe, NM.
Seminole Gulf Railway (SGLR)
Seminole Gulf Railway has been the premier provider of integrated freight transportation and logistics in SW Florida since 1987, operating 115 miles of track in Manatee, Sarasota, Desoto, Lee and Collier counties.
Semo Port Railroad (SE)
The Semo Port Railroad (SE) provides local switch service in addition to interchange with the UP and BNSF. This gives customers the best in rail service: competitive access to two major railroads, combined with friendly responsive local service.
Shamokin Valley Railroad (SVRR)
The Shamokin Valley Railroad is a switching carrier and a Norfolk Southern handling line carrier.
Shawnee Terminal Railway Company (STR)
Was one of the first short line railroads following deregulation of the transportation industry through the 1980 Staggers Railway Act.
Shenandoah Valley Railroad (SVRR)
Even though the Shenandoah Valley Railroad is a relatively new name in transportation in the Shenandoah Valley, this railroad has actually been an important part of the Harrisonburg-Staunton area history and progress for a long time. Established in 1993 when the Greater Shenandoah Valley Development Corporation purchased the 20-mile line from Norfolk Southern, the rail line has been in existance for more than 100 years.
Shortline Services
Shortline Services is the marketing and sales department for five railroads located on the East Coast.
Sierra Northern Railway (SERA)
Operates out of Woodland, CA.
Slovak Railways
Slovak Railways (ZSR) was established on January 1, 1993 by the Slovak Governmental Decree on the Establishment of the State-owned Slovak Railways and the subsequent Slovak National Council Law dated September 30, 1993.
South Branch Valley Railroad (SBVR)
The South Branch Valley Railroad (SBVR) is owned and operated by the West Virginia State Rail Authority (SRA). The line provides freight and passenger service to the state’s eastern panhandle.
South Carolina Central Railroad (SCRF)
Operates out of Hartsville, SC.
South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad (SKOL)
The South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (SKOL) was established in 1990, with 300 miles of trackage in the states of Kansas and Oklahoma.
Southeast Kansas Railroad (SEKR)
We own, lease and operate 150 miles of the former Missouri Pacific and Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad trackage in Kansas and Missouri.
Southern Manitoba Railway (SMNR)
The Southern Manitoba Railway (SMNR) was incorporated on July 1999 in Winnipeg, MB. It is 144 miles long and its major commodity is grain.
Southern Ontario Railway (SOR)
Operates out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Southern Rails Cooperative (SORA)
Southern Rails Cooperative Ltd. (SRCL), a shortline railway in southern Saskatchewan, was founded in 1989 as a farmer-owned cooperative.
Southern Railway of British Columbia (SRY)
SRY is a major transporter of freight in the Lower British Columbia Mainland.
Spanish National Railways
Spanish National Railways, Renfe, passenger and goods railroad services, strives each day to offer quality services, integrated in the social environment
Sperry Rail Service (SRSX)
Since 1928 Sperry Rail Service has been pioneering rail flaw detection.
South Africa's national railways
St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad
The St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad (SL&A) operates over 260 miles of contiguous mainline track between Portland, Maine, and Ste. Rosalie, Quebec.
St. Thomas & Eastern Railway (STER)
Trillium Railway Company Ltd. operates the 34.2 miles St. Thomas & Eastern Railway (STER) between St. Thomas and Delhi, Ontario.
Stillwater Central Railroad (SLWC)
Centrally located between Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Wichita, the SLWC operates on over 117 mainline miles of track in Oklahoma. A developing shortline, the SLWC offers some of the best prospects for shippers, and trended growth has shown promising potential for high traffic numbers.
Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad (STE)
The Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad (ST&E) was established in 1908 to provide rail freight service in the greater Stockton, CA area.
Stourbridge Railroad (SBRR)
Honesdale, PA based Short Line.
Swedish State Railways
Swedish State Railways
Swiss Federal Railways
SSB Cargo is the Swiss rail-freight network.
Industry must connect with mainline railroads and switch and move cars within their facilities. While these are non-core activities, it is essential that these functions work reliably, safely and efficiently. TGS/Econo-Rail is a single-source provider of railroad services that assures customers of complete, dependable and safe rail operations.
Tacoma Rail
With over 170 miles of track, Tacoma Rail is one of the largest short line railroads in the country. It is a powerful factor in the economic growth and progress of Tacoma.
Taiwan Railway
Railway transport in Taiwan.
Talleyrand Terminal Railroad (TTC)
Rail Link started port operations in early 1996 with Talleyrand Terminal Railroad, which serves the port of Jacksonville, Florida. JAXPORT's Talleyrand Marine Terminal handles 18,000 railcars annually.
Tennessee Southern Railroad
The Tennessee Southern Railroad Co., Inc. began operation on former Norfolk Southern track in Florence, Alabama in July of 1988. On February 1, 1989, the TSRR commenced operation on the former CSX Transportation track running from just north of Columbia, Tennessee to Pulaski, Tennessee on the old N & D (Nashville & Decatur) Main and from Columbia,, TN to Florence, Alabama on the old NF&S (Nashville, Florence, & Sheffield) Main.The TSRR interchanges rail traffic with CSX Transportation at Natco, TN located just north of Columbia, Tennessee.
Terminal Railway (TASD)
Older than the port itself, Terminal Railway, Mobile, AL, has been in existence more than 70 years. It operates on 75 miles of track using eight locomotives to transport cargo to and from piers, warehouses and terminals.
Texas Central Business Lines (TCB)
Waxahachie, TX shortline.
Texas City Terminal Railway (TCT)
The Texas City Terminal Railway Company provides an important land link to the port, handling over 25,000 car loads per year.
Texas Mexican Railway (TM)
The Texas Mexican Railway (Tex Mex) dates back to 1856 when construction began on its 157-mile line between Laredo and Corpus Christi, Texas.
Texas-New Mexico Railroad (TNMR)
Operates out of Hobbs, NM.
Texas Northeastern Railroad (TNER)
Operates out of Garland, TX.
Timber Rock Railroad (TIBR)
Watco Companies most recent RR acquisition to date, the Timber Rock Railroad was an obvious choice when the BNSF offered it for sale in 1998. The 40+ miles of mainline track serves, among others, Watco’s founding operation (an industrial switching operation in DeRidder, Louisiana), and interchanges with the BNSF at Kirbyville, Texas and KCS at De Ridder, Louisiana.
Tishomingo Railroad (TISH)
Tishomingo Railroad, a privately held Mississippi Corporation, entered into an agreement with the Mississippi Development Authority and subsequently commenced freight service on the newly re-opened trackage that runs 12 miles from Iuka, MS up to the Park.
Toledo, Peoria & Western Railroad (TPW)
Operates out of East Peoria, IL.
Tomahawk Railway (TR)
Tomahawk Railway, Limited Patnership was purchased by RMC from Packaging Corporation of America, January 1, 1992. The line was previously know as the Marinette Tomahawk and Western Railway. The railroad has local headquarters in Tomahawk, WI and serves a PCA mill at Tomahawk. The only connecting railroad is the Wisconsin Central Railroad.
Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad (TSWR)
The Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad (reporting mark TSWR) is a short line freight carrier providing service to the western end of the Yakima Valley, and to the Royal Slope line west of Othello.
Grupo Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. (TFM)
TFM operates the primary rail route in northern Mexico linking Mexico City with Laredo, Texas, where over 50 percent of U.S.-Mexico trade crosses the border.
The Transtar companies consist of a group of rail and water carriers that grew up over the years to meet the transportation needs of the steel making facilities that were the predecessors of today's USX Corporation.
Tri County Rail Company
Industrial rail services and comprehensive supply chain solutions. NMSDC minority certified.
Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway (TSU)
The TSU traces its origin back to when Oklahoma became a state in 1907.
Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway Company (TSBY)
Operates out of Owosso, Michigan.
Twin Cities & Western Railroad(TCWR)
Operations commenced July 27, 1991 over what was formerly known as the "Ortonville Line" operated by the Soo Line (now Canadian Pacific Railway) between Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and Milbank, SD.
UP Short Line Directory
Page of connecting Shortlines. Information and/or links to their sites.
U.S. Railways (USRX)
The Mission of U.S. Railways, Inc., is to provide reliable support and world class service to our customers. We offer complete freight railway services including intra-plant switching all at reasonable rates.
Union Railroad (URR)
The Union Railroad is part of the original Lake Erie to Pittsburgh Mills rail system that had its beginning in 1896.
Union County Industrial Railroad (UCIR)
West Milton, PA based Short Line.
Union Pacific Railroad (UP)
Union Pacific Railroad is an operating subsidiary of Union Pacific Corporation (NYSE:UNP). It is one of the largest railroads in North America, operating in the western two-thirds of the United States. The system serves 23 states, linking every major West Coast and Gulf Coast port.
Utah Railway Company (UTAH)
The Utah Railway Company (UTAH), incorporated in January, 1912, and headquartered at its historical Martin (Helper, Utah) office building, is an efficiently run railroad which transports more than 90,000 carloads of freight per year in central and northern Utah including line haul and switching service for BNSF.
VR Cargo
VR Cargo is the rail freight division of the Finnish Railways VR Ltd, the biggest and leading transport company in Finland.
Valdosta Railway (VSR)
Valdosta Railway, L.P. began operations in 1954 as the Valdosta Southern Railroad. The railroad was owned by the paper company it served at Clyattville, GA. VSR operated until January 1992 when it was purchased from the paper company by RMC and became Valdosta Railway, L.P.
Vandalia Railroad Co. (VRRC)
The line, located in Vandalia, Illinois, interchanges with CSX Transportation.
Vaughan Railroad
Serving Fola Coal Company in West Virginia since 1995, almost 30 million tons of coal have been shipped on Vaughan Railroad, a Class III common carrier.
Ventura County Railroad (VCRR)
Operates out of Port Hueneme, CA.
Vermont Rail System
Vermont Rail System is an affiliation of four Vermont-based shortlines; the Vermont Railway, the Green Mountain Railroad, the Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad, and the Washington County Railroad.
Virgina Southern Railroad (VSRR)
Operates out of Keysville, VA.
Warren and Trumbull Railroad (WTRM)
Northern Division Line of the Ohio Central Railroad System.
Washington Companys Rail Group
Holding Company for I & M Rail Link, Montana Rail Link and Southern Railway of British Columbia.
With a growing inventory of eight railroads, operating in nine states, Watco Companies is committed to the Rail Industry in North America.
Wellsboro & Corning Railroad (WCOR)
Wellsboro, PA based Short Line.
West Michigan Railroad Co. (WJ)
Operates approximately 15 miles of track and right-of-way, extending from Hartford to Paw Paw, Michigan.
West Texas & Lubbock Railroad (WTL)
Operates out of Lubbock, TX.
West Virginia Central Railroad (WVC)
Putting Freight Customers First has been our goal since our first five-year lease with the West Virginia State Rail Authority.
Western Kentucky Railway
Western Kentucky railroad is a shortline railroad based in Clay, KY. WKRL handles unit trains of coal to CSXT and between the mine and the cleaning plant locally on line.
Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad (WNPY)
The Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad (WNYP) operated a test train to Hornell Wednesday, December 18, 2002, fulfilling the railroad's commitment to open its entire line between Hornell and Meadville, Pa. by the end of the year. The train was operated for the purpose of performing maintenance.

"This is a real milestone in the rebirth of rail service to the Southern Tier," said WNYP President and Chief Operating Officer William D. Burt, who noted that this was the first train to operate over the Wellsville-Hornell trackage since Conrail ceased operations in 1991. WNYP reopened the Olean-Wellsville segment September 30.
WestNet Rail
WestNet Rail leases approximately 5000 kilometres of track in Western Australia from the State Government and offers access to its track network to both AWR and other rail operators. It is responsible for maintaining the track infrastructure, supply of the train control function and determination of track access fees.
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway (WE)
The story of Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway (WLE) began in 1871 with the need for a connection between the Wheeling, WV coal fields and Lake Erie port cities and facilities.
Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Railway (WTJR)
The Wichita, Tillman, and Jackson Railway Company (WTJR), is a 100 mile property composed of a former UPRR branch line and a Rock Island line operating in Texas and Oklahoma. The railroad interchanges with the UP and BNSF in Wichita Falls. Shipments are predominately grain, chemicals and agricultural products.
Willamette & Pacific Railroad (WPRR)
Willamette & Pacific Railroad, and Portland & Western Railroad, together operate a regional system of 434 miles in northwestern Oregon providing quality railroad service to more than 135 customers.
Wilmington and Western Railroad (WWRC)
Climb aboard the Wilmington and Western Railroad, Delaware's oldest steam tourist railroad, for fun and exciting adventures through the historic Red Clay Valley.
Wilmington Terminal Railroad (WTRY)
On October1, 1986, the Wilmington Terminal Railroad, L.P. (WTRY) was created to lease and operate the rail switching facility for the North Carolina Ports Railway Commission located at the North Carolina State Ports, a deep water port on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, N.C.
Winchester & Western RR (WW)
Operates 54 miles of railroad in the Shenandoah Valley.
Windsor & Hantsport Railway (WHRC)
The Windsor and Hantsport Railway (WHRC), owned by the Iron Roads Railways, started operations in August 1994.
Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation (WC)
Wisconsin Central Transportation Corporation is a holding company which operates a regional North American rail system in Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, northeastern Illinois, eastern Minnesota, and Ontario.
Wisconsin and Southern Railroad (WSOR)
Wisconsin and Southern Railroad (WSOR) headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, operates over 500 miles of line in Wisconsin.
York Railway Company (YRC)
The YRC operates in the York and Hanover, Pennsylvania areas.
Youngstown and Austintown Railroad (YARR)
Northern Division Line of the Ohio Central Railroad System.
Youngstown Belt Railroad (YB)
Northern Division Line of the Ohio Central Railroad System.

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