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Road Trip Day 1


Day 1, Tuesday, 01/15/02

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! What is that noise?? Must be the old alarm clock. What time is it?? 0300. Time to hit it. At least the coffee is done. I got gas and packed the Train Chaser last night so that job is done. Grabbed a fast cup of coffee to wake up, a snack and got the final items into the truck. I have a B&G fix at the Outlaw Cafe in Wellington planned so no breakfast before I leave. Just need to wait for my ride along to show up.

Went out to warm up the truck at 0345. Got it fired up and Tami shows up. Lock up the house and head out for Helper and beyond. It is going to nice having a nice young lady along for the ride.

By 0500 was at the top of the hill and heading down to get ready for work. We are ahead of schedule. I had gotten word Monday night that my BNSF Conductor friend was heading out of GJ sometime tonight and was hoping to catch him. Well, got word he had pulled into Provo at 0500. Missed that one. Stopped by Wildcat and CV Spur Loadouts. Both dead. Time to head to the Outlaw Cafe for the daily B&G fix.

Finished eating, filled up a side tank and headed back to Wildcat. Still nothing going on so pulled into Helper Yard. Well, well, What do we have here?? Looks like all four T-2's are going to be on the Dirt Train today. Still no word on a UTAH coal train in the area so head east to setup for some shots of the T-2's. #6 had come thru on time and was too dark to catch. No morning BNSF "M" at all. The weather was not being nice for good shots this morning. Did manage to get off a couple at the new bridge.

Dirt Train at new bridge.

T-2's on bridge

About that time the scanner went off. They were adding help for a UTAH coal train. Wonder where he had been hiding?? Run back to Helper and they were long gone. This is the way the rest of the day went. Real quiet and real bad light. Hope tomorrow is better. Head off to Price, check into the rooms and head off to Grogg's for an early dinner.

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