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2005 Orders

The UP press release of September 30, 2004 announced that 315 low emissions units were to be ordered for 2005 delivery. Since then neither builder or UP have produced an official announcement that breaks down the orders for 2005, but here goes (UP designations used, see notes):

UP 8309-8423 are 115 SD70ACE from EMD -- these are 4300 HP production units, not demonstrators. CTE software (yes, it's true)

UP 5354-5553 are 200 C45ACCTE from GE--these are 4400 HP, Evolution Series. CTE software.

UP is also receiving 12 other locomotives this year:

UPY2004 is 1 GG20GP from Railpower Technologies -- hybrid, 2000 HP loco on Geep frame

UPY2005 is 1 DS14B from National Railway Equipment -- two 650 HP Detroit Diesel engines, centercab switcher.

UPY2300-2309 are 10 GG20GE from Railpower Technologies -- hybrid, 2000 HP loco on GE frame

Note that UP model designations have been used for all model types above. Translations below. UP designation followed by Builder designation:

GG20GP = GG20B
DS14B = TES (Truck Engine Switcher)
GG20GE = GG20B

Thanks to: Sean Graham-White

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