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CCRCL stands for Control Car Remote Control Locomotive -- and the idea is that this unit contains the remote control capability while being coupled to another unit not so equipped. This allows other units that have not been equipped with RCL to be capable of being remotely controlled.

The CCRCL is basically a trailer -- the units converted are GE B23-7 & B30-7s that have had their traction motors and fuel tanks removed. Reportedly their prime movers are still in place (the exhaust stack is still there as well).

The numbering starts with UPY 105. They are painted UP grey overall with red scothlight frame stripes and cab numbers. Red barricade stripes are at the lower portions of the nose and rear of the hood. There is a UP shield at the top of the nose.

The cab roof has twin yellow beacons on either side.

Cab windows, except for door and side windows are plated over. Control stand apparatus is removed and plated over but the cabinet is in place along with emergency air brake. The remote control electronics/cabinet is located on the back of the cab.

Sean Graham-White

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