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This page is late breaking news of repaints and their new numbers or just renumbers going on at NLR Jenks. Anything over a month old will be found in the Archive. Button at bottom. For more info on Jenks, click on Jenks News above. My source requests to remain ANON.

SSW 9656 to UP 1958 (GP60), XG alternator, fully painted due out 8-17

SP 2688 to UPY 1232 (SW1500), accident damage due out 8-10 fully painted
UP 9859 (SD50), ex DRGW 5515, to have a XC engine, due out late August.

UP 1364 to UPY 1364 (MP15DC), Class B due out 7-15
UP 6188 to UP 2344 (SD60M), Class C due out 7-25
UP 3982 (SD70M), fire damage finally out 7-14

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