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Welcome to the Union Pacific RR page. If you are hunting for pictures, this is the wrong page. The pages are data only.

2005 Orders Orders for 2005

AC4400CCTE Build Dates The AC4400CCTE builder numbers and dates.

AC4400CCTE Notes The AC4400CCTE notes page includes body panel changes, units that have flags and a description of CTE.

CCRCL's The CCRCL page explains them.

EMD SD70M's EMD SD70M orders page.

EMD SD70M FIRE The EMD SD70M Fire page includes of FIRE.

GEVO GE's new C45ACCTE's. Tier II V12's

Jenks News The Jenks News page is the latest paint/renumber data.

LocoAnalyzer Locomotive Specs.

Locomotive Data The Locomotive Data page is a links page.

LocoNotes FAQ The LocoNotes FAQ's is a link to Don Strack's page of frequently asked questions about frame numbers, serial numbers, model designations and dates.

Passenger Car Fleet The Union Pacific passenger car fleet.

SD70ACe Data The SD70ACe Data page.

SD70M-2 Data The SD70M-2 Data page.

SP GRIP Program The SP GRIP Program page is a link to Don Strack's site.

Union Pacific Historical Society The Union Pacific Historical Society site.

Union Pacific Railroad Page The Union Pacific Railroad page is a brief history.

Union Pacific Renumbering The Union Pacific Renumbering page is the changes by unit type.

Union Pacific Roster Changes The Union Pacific Roster Changes page is the monthly changes in the renumbering plan.

UP Units With White Roofs The UP Units With White Roofs page is a link to Don Strack's site.

Wings/Flares/Flags/Fire Screens The Wings/Flares/Flags/Fire Screens page is a listing of SD70M's and others with these features.

Yellow Stripes Reflective Material Rules for Locomotives and Railcars.

Don Strack's Don Strack's is a link to his Home Page.

Union Pacific 2003-2004 Locomotive Directory
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