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Unadilla Valley Railway Society

    The Unadilla Valley is located in Upstate New York (U.S.A).  Up until around 1960, the Unadilla Valley Railway Co. operated a small railroad along the valley.  Originally stretching from Bridgewater, NY south along the Unadilla River to New Berlin, NY, it later added a portion of the NYO&W to stretch south to East Guilford, and to Edmeston.

    The three-county area which includes the Unadilla Valley has supported several railroads, including (in and approaching the valley) the Unadilla Valley Railroad, the Wharton Valley Railroad, and a branch of the New York Ontario and Western Railroad.  In their times, both steam and diesel locomotives pulled freight and passenger trains.  Serving the railroads were stations ranging from quaint to elaborate, from large to extremely small.  Freight loads of many classification swere routed to and from destinations along the railroads' routes.  Riding the railroads were simple folks and the well-to-do, some traveling in their own private rails cars.

    The Unadilla Valley Railway Society and Museum is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the creation,development, and operation of the Unadilla Valley Railway Museum.

    The Unadilla Valley Railway Museum will permit railroad enthusiasts and the general public to see, experience, understand, and enjoy the area's rich and romantic railroad history. Facebook Page