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Shenandoah Valley Railroad

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This short line, operating over former tracks of the Chesapeake Western, runs from a connection with CSX in Staunton to a connection with NS at Pleasant Valley. The Buckingham Branch Railroad is the designated operator of the line. Scenic highlights of the line include a high bridge at Verona and stations at Pleasant Valley and Fort Defiance.

Once part of the B&O's "Valley Line" from Harper's Ferry to Lexington, this line was operated by the Chesapeake Western and NS until 1988. This line is unsignalled and traffic is limited to 10 miles per hour.

Typical traffic and volume

Traffic is extremely light on this short and it is worked on an as required basis. During times of peak traffic, the line may operate as often as twice per week, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays. Power used are two Baldwin switchers formerly used by the Defense Logistics Agency in Richmond. Power and caboose, lettered for Buckingham Branch, usually tie up in Verona, adjacent to the Augusta County Government Center. Call the Buckingham Branch to confirm days of operation before heading out. News: In the summer of 1997 it was announced that a $11 million-dollar feed mill will be built on the SV at Weyer's Cave. The line is receiving $2.5 million in track upgrades to accommodate the traffic generated by the new facility.


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Shenandoah Valley Railroad

Buckingham Branch designated operator
Pleasant Valley to Staunton--Southward
--Pleasant ValleyCW
--Weyer's Cave
--StauntonCSX No. Mtn. Sub.
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