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List of extant stations, towers and other structures in CVRP territory
Links will take you to a picture showing the structure

Stations (includes builder and current use)
  • Culpeper (Sou.) Used by NS and Amtrak
  • Orange (Sou.) Renovated for community center
  • Montpelier (Sou.) Now Post Office, part of Montpelier estate owned by National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Charlottesville (Sou.) Amtrak agency and crew change point, to be redeveloped.
  • Oak Ridge (Sou.) Part of Oak Ridge estate
  • Arrington (Sou.-moved from original site) Vacant
  • Amherst (Sou.) Vacant
  • Lynchburg-Kemper St. (Sou.) Amtrak agency and crew change point.
  • Harrisonburg (CW) Headquarters bldg for CW, present use?
  • Luray (N&W) Used by NS MoW
  • Shenandoah (N&W) Yard office
  • Lyndhurst (N&W) Private owner
  • Doswell (RF&P/C&O) Used by CSX
  • Ashland (RF&P) Amtrak stop, used by local tourist board
  • Milford (RF&P)
  • Woodford (RF&P)
  • Beaverdam (C&O) Museum
  • Mineral (C&O) Used by CSX Maintenance of Way.
  • Louisa (C&O) Feed store
  • Trevilians (C&O)
  • Gordonsville, freight house (C&O)
  • Keswick (C&O-not adjacent to right-of-way due to track relocation) Private school.
  • Charlottesville (C&O) Redeveloped as offices.
  • Crozet (C&O) Branch library
  • Staunton (C&O/Amtrak) Mostly restaurant, with small Amtrak waiting room.
  • Goshen (C&O) Used by CSX for MoW.
Stations (cont'd)
  • Clifton Forge (C&O) Used by CSX, with Amtrak waiting room
  • Eagle Rock (C&O) used by CSX MofW
  • Balcony Falls (C&O) Used by CSX
  • Dillwyn (C&O) Used as Buckingham Branch Railroad offices
  • Burkeville (N&W)
  • Farmville (N&W)
  • Pamplin City (N&W)
  • Appomattox (N&W)
  • Gladstone (C&O) Vacant
  • Scottsville (C&O) used by CSX MoW
  • Pleasant Valley (B&O) vacant
  • Fort Defiance (B&O) vacant
  • Keysville (Sou.) used as offices for Virginia Southern


  • Gordonsville, G Cabin
  • HN Cabin, Doswell
  • Lynchburg, ND Cabin at the foot of Washington St. (C&O)
  • Lynchburg, NC Cabin (C&O)
  • Lynchburg, X Cabin (C&O/Sou.)
  • Staunton (C&O) Part of station complex.
  • Milford (RF&P)
  • Greendale (RF&P)

Coaling Towers

  • Charlottesville (C&O) Sold to developer, to become apartments!?
  • Clifton Forge (C&O)
  • Balcony Falls (C&O)
  • Lynchburg-Sandy Hook (C&O)
  • Gladstone (C&O)

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