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WAG Plow Specs.

WAG Plow History & Specifications


Built:  1921
Manufactured by:  Russell Snow Plow Co., Ridgway, PA.
Original owner:  Boston & Maine (numbered as 3710)

Sold:  circa 1960 to Wellsville, Addison & Galeton Railroad (PA shortline) -Plow used in regular service until the WAG folded in 1979.

Sold:  1982 - to individual owner, Troy, PA - Placed on static display shortly after cosmetic and some structural restoration - painted back to Boston & Maine appearance - renumbered to X-3215

Sold:  1997 - to RGVRRM member - light restoration and maintenance performed, touch up painting, re-glazing some windows, tarpaper on roof.

Donated:  1999 - to Rochester Chapter NRHS - placed on display


-Double track plow
-Russell Size 2
-Weight:  80,000 lbs. (40 tons) - estimated
-Length:  44' 6"
-Height:  13' 10"
-Width:  9' 8 1/2" (wings closed)     --->  15' 9 1/2" (wings opened)
-Wooden construction
-Wood and steel laminate center sill
-Air-operated steel wings
-Air-operated steel flanger
-Archbar trucks with wood and steel laminate bolsters - front truck axles have both inboard and outboard bearings
-AB brakes and vertical staff brakewheel - extends through to a brakewheel on the roof
-Glazing is mainly polycarbonate - with some plate glass

Other features (some to be added on in the future):

-Outdoor headlight and inside light - full electric system
-One chime horn
-Window defrosters - works on electric current
-Windshield wipers - hand operated?
-Coal Burning stove with coal box
-Cot/seat - with storage below