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Documents in Adobe Acrobat Format

Documents in Adobe Acrobat Format

Important Note: The following documents below will not display correctly, if Abode Acrobat Reader 3.0 is not installed on your computer, and an error message will show up. The image below is in PDF format.

Netscape users: This will display as an image. Right click the image, and click "view this image". Adobe Reader will open up as a helper application.

Internet Explorer users: This document will open up automatically, with Adobe Reader within the web page.

DOS, OS2, UNIX, and Macintosh users: The document will show up in these formats too.

The TWO most recent print newsletters can only be accessed via a password. You must be a current WashARP member to access. Please contact the webmaster for further details.

The following documents listed below are in Adobe Acrobat:

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