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On-Time Performance - April 1998

On-Time Performance - April 1998

P>This is the Arrival on-time performance for April 1998. Only train segments traveled mostly within the Evergreen State are included in this chart. No thruway bus time performance here.

Arrival time listed are in minutes, with L indicating minutes late from scheduled, E indicating minutes early from scheduled, and 0T meaning Arrival on time (actual arrival same as scheduled).

Please Note: Trains 8/28 are listed together as one time, though the trains are separate until reaching Spokane.

Daylight Savings Time Notes: Trains 7 and 27 arrival times affected on Sunday, 4/5, Monday, 4/6, and Tuesday, 4/7. Train #14 affected on Sunday, 4/5. Arrival times are based on 1 hour loss.

This Information obtained from Amtrak's Reservation and Train Arrival Page.


Date / Train #7 (SEA)750 (SEA)14 (SEA)752 (SEA)761 (SEA)8/28 (SPK)27 (PDX)753 (PDX)11 (PDX)751 (PDX)760 (VAC)
Scheduled Arrival09:1012:4519:5021:2021:55Varies08:5511:5513:5521:0511:40
Wed, 4/110E8L110L5E0T2L21E10E0T0T0T
Thurs, 4/2135L90L215L11E3L123L135L565L30L0T0T
Fri, 4/310L10L260L15L14E10L5E2E69L10L7E
Sat, 4/433E10L135L0T0T37L10E0T27L6L7L
Sun, 4/575L59L150L9E0T29L72L23E13L30L15E
Mon, 4/630E10L110L13E0T7L10L18E15L0T0T
Tues, 4/70T10L95L11E15L36L20L2L10L14L10E
Wed, 4/810E20L188L0T20E123L25E10E12L5L0T
Thurs, 4/915E70L177L0T0T0T5L18E20L15L0T
Fri, 4/1015E60L163L40L11E10L23E0T15L5L11E
Sat, 4/1115E8E155L0T0T34L8E16E5L7L10E
Sun, 4/1215E15L165L10E0T0T3L18E1L5L0T
Mon, 4/1330E20L65L11E0T0T20E11E7L0T0T
Tues, 4/1430E0T42L8E0T8L14E13E2L0T24L
Wed, 4/1510L5E105L0T5E28L10L15E10L0T0T
Thurs, 4/1625L45L150L10E6E34L69L13E35L30L12L
Fri, 4/175E5L48L17L19E15L15E0T25L20L5E
Sat, 4/1818E5E75L11E18L2L5L2L4L18L0T
Sun, 4/1910E13L28L11E0T15L1E23E12L13L6E
Mon, 4/2028E13L55L15E0T0T21E23E0T0T0T
Tues, 4/2115E0T60L0T247L0T0T13E0T0T0T
Wed, 4/2215E165L200L0T15E0T10E0T0T14L0T
Thurs, 4/235E20L71L11E0T46L25L2L15L1L0T
Fri, 4/242L0T113L0T20E0T15E6E10L0T0T
Sat, 4/25460L6E265L0T0T0T4L6E10L0T5L
Sun, 4/2615E19L412L0T24E0T9L0T7L8L18E
Mon, 4/2730E0T23L3E0T153L140L22E10L4L0T
Tues, 4/280T15L65L10E0T10L0T18E0T2L11E
Wed, 4/29190L10E60L1E0T100L20L20E0T8L0T
Thurs, 4/3055L67L30L11E30L7L60L12E6L17L0T

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