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August 1999 General Meeting Minutes

August 1999 General Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meeting

Washington Association of Rail Passengers

General Meeting

Aug 14th, 1999 in Puyallup, WA

The Annual Hamre BBQ and Potluck Feast



Tony Trifiletti, President; Chuck Mott, BOD Chair; Mike Skehan, Secretary; Lloyd Flem, Executive Director, Erik Griswold, Transit Division.


Jim Hamre, Stuart Adams, Paul Scott, Warren Yee, Darlene Flem, Dennie Chelemedos, Noel Hancock, Roger Mumm, Mark Lawrence, David Sherrod, Steve Donaldson, Shirley Waldo, Jo Donaldson, Mary Mueller, Ray Allred, Jim Jackson, Jim Langley, Carolyn Hamre, Bruce Agnew

13:30: Call to Order, Tony Trifiletti, President

DISCLAIMER: Due to the good food, spirits, and picnic atmosphere, the following minutes are abreviated.

Minutes of 7-10-99 were approved.


Treasurer: Hans reported an income for July as $1977 and expenses of $2590.

Chuck: Reported on Edmonds Mayor, Barbara Fahey being appointed to the Mayors committee for Amtrak reforms. Chuck will be educating her in the next few months. Mountains are being moved by Amtrak Mail and Express to serve Shelby Montana after the very successful effort led by Chuck and Lloyd to introduce willing customers to needy service providers( also to 2 U.S. Senators, from Montana). The Blue Ribbon panel continues to be dominated by the asphalt and oil interests pushing for more space and amenities for the automobile. Chuck and Hal have been force feeding fellow commissioners on rail solutions and benefits through a series of ‘white papers’. If ALL options are not included in the findings and recommendations of the panel, including rail, it will be impossible to sell the report by the end of next year, as the commission ends its work.

Transit: Erik Griswold reported on latest developments in the commuter rail schedule. Mike Skehan explained the 3 operating scenarios, and introduced a resolution calling for adoption of rail services as outlined in option 2. (Three AM trips to Seattle from Tacoma beginning in Jun/Jul of next year) Also the importance of completing the Tukwila station for Amtrak trains, and providing special event trains to introduce the service. The resolution passed 22-0.

Marketing and Membership: Darlene reported on the Olympia Art-walk program, where tabling and brochures will be conducted. Some coordination with operation Lifesaver is being looked into.

Budget/Finance: Chair David Sherrod reported the committee met last month. Several scenarios for organizational growth were explored, and narrowed to two. These were to remain as currently operated and budgeted with some modest growth to accommodate higher expenses agreed to by the Executive Committee this year, or to aggressively grow the staff and activities of the organization. This would likely create new opportunities and directions for the Board, and the reality of shifting from a largely fraternal to a goal/mission oriented business. This question was posed to the membership and the committee will require general membership and Board guidance to move forward with a realistic planning effort.

Executive Director: Reported on the Public Transportation Conference held in Spokane. He led a panel discussion on rail opportunities and challenges for Eastern Washington. Also discussed were initiative 695 issues as they relate to transportation. If passed, this effectively "guts" all rail improvements in the Northwest Corridor, and we start the slow process all over again, taking years or decades to recover.

Lloyd was hopeful Oregon would do the right thing by supporting their end of the corridor with funding for next year (ED: they did!), and problems with the Canadian situation (they still haven’t!) The Amtrak reform council will be in town in early September for hearings. Lloyd, Tony, and Chuck will be on the trains and testify on the virtues of incrementally improving service as WSDOT has so ably done to date. Plus the Talgos are a nice way to go. Good PR.

President Trifiletti reported on his mass mailing efforts to build the membership. So far, over 2500 direct requests have been made. (editor note:, a Herculean effort he is to be congratulated for), with results still coming into Hans. The NARP mailing has been the most effective so far, with 20+ new members.

Ray Allred, with the WSDOT Rail Office, discussed freight rail and track speed improvements, as well as the East-West rail study that should begin next year. Several members have expressed interest in participating in the study.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael Skehan, Secretary

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