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On-Time Performance - December 1997

On-Time Performance - December 1997

This is the Arrival on-time performance for December 1997. Only train segments traveled mostly within the Evergreen State are included in this chart. No thruway bus time performance here.

Arrival time listed are in minutes, with L indicating minutes late from scheduled, E indicating minutes early from scheduled, and 0T meaning Arrival on time (actual arrival same as scheduled).

Please Note: Trains 8/28 are listed together as one time, though the trains are separate until reaching Spokane.

This Information obtained from Amtrak's Reservation and Train Arrival Page.


Date/Train #/City7 (SEA)750 (SEA)14 (SEA)752 (SEA)761 (SEA)8/28 (SPK)27 (PDX)753 (PDX)11 (PDX)751 (PDX)760 (VAC)
Scheduled Arrival09:1012:4519:5021:2021:55Varies08:5511:5513:5521:0511:40
Su, 12/14NA35L52L0T18L32L0T0T9L19L60L
M, 12/1515L0T30L4E15L22L50L15E0T0T17E
Tu, 12/165E5E30L5ENA14L20L5E3E0TNA
W, 12/1720E0T60L10E10E19L5L15E15L0T0T
Th, 12/1830E20L55L65L0T6LNA10E90L10L15E
F, 12/1980L5L142L8L0T64L70L5L25L35L12E
Sa, 12/2010L27L432L9E0T18L37L0T22L10L10E
Su, 12/2110E3L129L0T5L79L5L11E26L10L0T
M, 12/220T13L125L4E7E77L65L10E13L19L0T
Tu, 12/230T10L111L10E14E7L26L2E20L47L11E
W, 12/245E0T136L0T10E15L15L5E19L18L0T
Th, 12/2535E5L25L0T0T7L3L20E18L4L15E
Fr, 12/2615E1E105L0T0T45L0T5L32L1L5L
Sa, 12/275E15L115L0T13E17L10L5E27L24L7E
Su, 12/2815E25L105L0TNANA17L8E29L0TNA
Tu, 12/30NA0TNA0T5L10LNA2E24L2L0T
W, 12/31NA0T655L10E15E1LNA0T50L10L0T

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