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December 1998 General Meeting Minutes

December 1998 General Meeting Minutes

Washington Association of Rail Passengers - Business Meeting
University Plaza Hotel - December 5, 1998

Scheduled Meetings:


Executive Board Members:

Charles Mott, President; Lloyd Flem, Executive Director; Hans Mueller, Treasurer; Jim Hamre, Newspaper Editor.

Board of Directors:

Steve Spear, Dale R. Menchhofer, James D. Langston, Tony Trifiletti, Hal Cooper, Stuart Adams

Members and Guests:

David Clinton, Robert Lawrence, Mark Lawrence, John Carlin, Darleen Flem, K. Chelemdas, Peter Chelemedos, James Jackson, Ray Allred, Jim McIntosh, Robert Whitbeck, Jim Cowardin, Mark Stoddard

President Chuck Mott began the meeting by observing that some of us were able to ride the Talgo inagural runs at the end of November. Chuck said the experience was great and encouraged all of us to ride when the new equipemnt comes on lin in the next few weeks.

The November meeting minutes were approved as written.

Hans Mueller gave the treasurer's report. We had a beginning balance of $3371, income of $1866 and $1400 in expenses. We had an ending balance for the month of $3803. Hans said an order for Amtrak calendars have been made for WashARP contributors of $50 or more. We added five new members during the month of November and ended with a total of 472 members.

Chuck called for an Executive Committee meeting in January to review our organizational structure. We've had up to 500 members and want to broaden our appeal and improve our efforts to reach our goals. We will have recommendations for changing our organization from this meeting. Some will be implemented in 1999 and the year 2000.

Lloyd Flem gave the Ececutive Director's report. Issues concerning Talgo, WSDOT, Amtrak and WashARP were discussed. Lloyd will be addressing Referendum 49 spedning plans in relationship to rail issues. Lloyd reported Amtrak cut sales staff and travel agent commisions. We are concerned this will hurt efforts to continue growth in our corridor. The special Talgo runs on November 30 included cerimonies at several stops. Plaques were given out at each stop. Chuck commented the track has been improved 100% on the Seattle-Vancouver, B.C. route. Great turn outs at Mt. Vernon/Burlington, Centralia and Portland.

Hans and Lloyd will be meeting with AAA Washington regarding travel issues.

The November state elections were very positive for us. Lloyd noted that several female legislators are very supportive of rail programs.

Lloyd recommended a WashARP membership as a Christmas gift.

We concluded our meeting, followed by a fund raising raffle.

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