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On-Time Performance - December 1998

On-Time Performance - December 1998

This is the Arrival on-time performance for December 1998. Only train segments traveled mostly within the Evergreen State are included in this chart. No thruway bus time performance here.

Arrival time listed are in minutes, with L indicating minutes late from scheduled, E indicating minutes early from scheduled, and 0T meaning Arrival on time (actual arrival same as scheduled).

Please Note: Trains 8/28 are listed together as one time, though the trains are separate until reaching Spokane.

Extra Trips: Train 748 (Portland to Seattle):
Sun 12/20 - 1E
Mon 12/21 - 5E
Sun 12/27 - 22E
Mon 12/28 - 5L

Extra Trips: Train 757 (Seattle to Portland):
Fri 12/18 - 12E
Sun 12/20 - 15L
Sat 12/26 - 15E
Sun 12/27 - 37L

This Information obtained from Amtrak's Reservation and Train Arrival Page.


December 1998 Seattle Arrival On-Time Performance

Date/Train #775075214754761
Scheduled Arrival9:5012:1516:0020:4521:4521:55
Tuesday, Dec 10T0T5E14E0TNA
Wednesday, Dec 225E15E0T10L0T2L
Thursday, Dec 3NA0T8E23E5E8E
Friday, Dec 413L0T10L24E18L8E
Saturday, Dec 565L0T0T492L55L5L
Sunday, Dec 6115L5E0T25E5L10L
Monday, Dec 796L15L1E24E0T38L
Tuesday, Dec 85L5E4E5E17L15E
Wednesday, Dec 90T3E5L22E10E2E
Thursday, Dec 1025E7L10E22E25L50L
Friday, Dec 110T25L18L24E3L5E
Saturday, Dec 1215E8E0T30L25LNH
Sunday, Dec 1320E33L1E25E0T34L
Monday, Dec 1420E0T4E25E10E5E
Tuesday, Dec 150T0T0T30E15E12L
Wednesday, Dec 1620L3E7L256L5E4L
Thursday, Dec 170T8L0T49L0T17L
Friday, Dec 185L0T10L8L2E5L
Saturday, Dec 1960L6E16L30L10L35L
Sunday, Dec 20160L58L10L127L10L82L
Monday, Dec 21142L97L7L372L117L6L
Tuesday, Dec 22135L130L13L178L142L0T
Wednesday, Dec 2369L35L34L168L10L30L
Thursday, Dec 24NA61L28L145L5L15L
Friday, Dec 25140L0T7E29L0T11L
Saturday, Dec 263E8L4L30L0T25L
Sunday, Dec 2780L13L53L150L228L20L
Monday, Dec 28131L35L31L65L35L9L
Tuesday, Dec 2966L0T27L12E10L40L
Wednesday, Dec 3040L25L15L16E60LNA

December 1998 Other Arrival On-Time Performance

Date / Train # / City8/28(SPK)27(PDX)751(PDX)11(PDX)753(PDX)755(PDX)760(VAC)
Scheduled ArrivalVaries09:5511:0013:5517:1520:5011:40
Tuesday, Dec 10T10L0T2L5L0T5E
Wednesday, Dec 22L3E5E0T12E0T15L
Thursday, Dec 30TNA0T33L0T0T10E
Friday, Dec 413L7E0T0T11E8L0T
Saturday, Dec 530L40L0T0T1E2L3L
Sunday, Dec 634L12E0T2L0T0T10E
Monday, Dec 70T21E0T8L0T3L23L
Tuesday, Dec 83L10L15L0T20L7L10L
Wednesday, Dec 90T3E0T0T5E50L8L
Thursday, Dec 1011L10L3E7L45L0T0T
Friday, Dec 119L19L0T0T4E0T0T
Saturday, Dec 121L20E0T0T20L0T0T
Sunday, Dec 1332L10L4E25L23L0T18L
Monday, Dec 140T20E2E0T0T0T0T
Tuesday, Dec 1526L5L4L0T8E3L25L
Wednesday, Dec 160T17E10E0T60L8L6L
Thursday, Dec 1736L0T0T5L10L0T47L
Friday, Dec 1820L30L5L0T5E16L0T
Saturday, Dec 1937L50L40L3L0T27L15L
Sunday, Dec 20133L265L0T12L0T38L55L
Monday, Dec 21118L143L10L15L60L35L7L
Tuesday, Dec 2289L150L4E37L77L25L10L
Wednesday, Dec 23202L91L0T37L35L32L10L
Thursday, Dec 240TNA55L0T20L0T60L
Friday, Dec 253L130L6L0T7L2L0T
Saturday, Dec 26103L14E1L0T5L12L30L
Sunday, Dec 2719L190L4E11L86L97L0T
Monday, Dec 28359L136L21L30L5L21L10L
Tuesday, Dec 2954L110L3L36L37L9L10L
Wednesday, Dec 300T35L8E6L18L12L0T

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