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IC3 Flexliner Demo in Oregon State

IC3 Flexliner Demo in Oregon State

Danish Train Visits Oregon in May

The Oregon Department of Transportation in cooperation with Amtrak, Union Pacific Railroad and ADtrans operated demonstration runs of the ADtrans Danish IC3 Flexliner Train in the Willamette Valley between May 6 and May 18th.

The Demonstration was a success, with all trips nearly sold out (both the excursion runs and in regular Amtrak service.

The IC3 train went back to Chicago after the demonstration for servicing, then is operating as Hiawatha service between Chicago and Milwaukee June 6-29. That demonstration is being sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Some photos of the Oregon's Adtran IC3 Train Demonstration.

ADTRAN IC3 Train Photos
Photographs taken by Warren Yee
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IC3 train at Albany, Oregon.
IC3 train leaving Albany, Oregon
WashARP's Internet Director in a First Class Section Seat.

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