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February 1998 General Meeting Minutes

February 1998 General Meeting Minutes

Washington Association of Rail Passengers - Board of Directors Meeting
February 14, 1998 - University Plaza Hotel - Seattle, WA.

Executive Committee Members:
Chuck Mott, President; Dennis Fait, Vice President-Intercity West; Ellen Barton, Secretary; Lloyd Flem, Executive Director; Hans Mueller, Treasurer; Jim Hamre, Newsletter Editor; Mike Skehan, Vice President-Commuter Rail Section.

Board of Directors:
Warren Yee, Stuart Adams, Jim Langston, Dale Menchhofer, Rocky Shay, Craig Thrope, Rob Morrison, Eleanor Stewart, Jim Holley, Roger Mumm, Paul Scott, Tony Trifiletti, John Dewhirst, Robert Whelan.

Members and Guests:
Kay Chelemedos, Jim Cowardin, Jim McIntosh, Robert Rohrer, Jerome Sheldon, Peter Chelemendos, Bob Laurence, Mark Morrison, Loren Herringstad.

The meeting was called to order at 12:05 p.m. by Chuck Mott, President. The agenda was approved with a the addition of 2 items and a change in the order of events to accommodate the early departure of Executive Director, Lloyd Flem.

The approval of meeting minutes was unanimous.

The treasurer's report indicated no unusual expenses.

A memorial tribute to long-time member Rich DeGarmo's wife, Sandy, who passed away during the previous week, was given by President Chuck Mott, followed by a moment of silence observed by all in attendance.

Executive Director Lloyd Flem echoed the sentiments of President Mott regarding Sandy DeGarmo's death, delivering the Executive Director's report early in the meeting in order to leave to attend her funeral.

National Association of Rail Passengers (NARP) will hold its Region 8 meeting on March 21, 1998, at the University Plaza Hotel. Portland area AORTA members wishing to travel by train to the meeting will require accommodation overnight and WashARP members willing to help in that regard should contact treasurer Hans Mueller.

Commuter Rail Section Report: Mike Skehan invited interested members to attend the section meeting on February 19 at Andy's Diner. Current agenda items include RTA contracts, innovations and private partnerships. The first of an anticipated series of educational workshops will be held on May 27th (tentative). In conjunction with President Chuck Mott and Executive Director Lloyd Flem, Mr. Skehan and Rob Morrison met with the RTA lobbyist Paul Price and Betty Lazarne to coordinate the message for legislators and to cement effective partnerships. It is clear that WashARP has a strong and knowledgeable presence in Olympia.

Conference Planning Committee Report: Tony Trifiletti, chair of the committee, announced the tentative scheduling of the conference for October, 1998, pending agreement on participating speakers and topics. The first committee meeting will be held in early March with those members who have signed up. More volunteers and encouraged to participate.

Board of Directors is moving toward a fully integrated and functional organizational structure with an intent to include private business interests in our approach. While historically the organization has focussed on the public/governmental sector, clearly both parties are needed at the table to optimize an effective action strategy.

Election to the Board of Directors: Motion to approve the appointment of Jim Langston and Walter Hazen to vacant positions on the Board of Directors as Puget Sound Division and At-Large Division, respectively. Approved, unanimously.

Alt-Trans Update: WashARP's representative to the Alt-Trans Board of Directors submitted a written analysis of the current state of affairs in that organization which was read to the Board for discussion. According to Mr. Cooper's analysis, there is reason to believe that the Alt-Trans Board is no longer functioning according to its founding principles. In view of their changes in policy and action, Mr. Cooper recommended that the Board approve non-renewal of WashARP's membership to Alt-Trans' Board. Discussion centered on the views of Mike Skehan, one of the co-founders of Alt-Trans, and the intent to separate amicably, such that work in coalition would continue to be fruitful. The Board approved the non-renewal unanimously.

Committee Sign-up: All members of the Board of Directors are expected to participate in at least one committee during the course of the board tenure. A sign-up sheet to this effect was circulated.

Upcoming Meetings:

The meeting closed at approximately 3:00 pm.

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