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July 1997 Minutes

July 1997 Minutes

Washington Association of Rail Passengers - Board of Directors Meeting - July 12, 1997

Bellingham Cruise Terminal - Bellingham, Washington

Executive Committee members:

Chuck Mott, President
Hans Mueller, Treasurer
Ellen Barton, Secretary
Lloyd Flem, Executive Director
Jim Hamre, Newsletter Editor

Board of Directors:

Bill Weeks, Jerome Sheldon, Dale Menchofer, Jim Langston, Stephanie Weber, Warren Yee, Steven Spear, Noel Hancock, Eleanor Stewart, Roger Mumm

Members and Guests:

Stuart Adams, Anthony Trifiletti, Bruce Barbour, Jeffrey Stewart, Preston Schiller, Mark Stoddard David Chen, Chrystina Bemment, David Hull and approx 6 additional guests

Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Chuck Hott. President. The agenda was approved.

The meeting minutes for June 14, 1997, were approved with the correction that Stephanie Weber vas appointed to the Citizen Oversight panel of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA): not a delegate.

The treasurer reported membership down by two over the past month. Expenses have been higher than other months, but with justification.

Upcoming Meetings:

Executive Director Lloyd Flem gave a brief legislative summary.

Senator Slade Gorton gave flawed testimony about Amtrak, damaging support.

Senator Patty Murray deserves thanks for her early, strong support. Calls this week to her to urge Senator Laurenberg to keep Amtrak appropriations. Sen. McCain of Arizona was defeated in his singlehanded attempt to kill Amtrak.

Together with WashARP President, Chuck Mott, met with Sen. Dunn and Metcalf to educate about the need for state support of rail programs. Encouraged federal support as well.

Cascadia Conference will take place September 4 and 5 at the Double Tree inn in Kelso.

Presentation: "Two-System Light Bail in Saarbrucken, Germany"

Malcolm Johnston, Chair of the Light Rail for Vancouver Communities spoke about the technological advances and cost savings allowing this small city to capitalize on existing infrastructure in new and efficient ways. He also answered questions about what British Columbia's future support might be for expended service between Seattle and Vancouver.

The meeting closed with a video presentation on the light rail system described and adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

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