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June 1998 General Meeting Minutes

June 1998 General Meeting Minutes

Washington Association of Rail Passengers - Board of Directors' Meeting
June 13, 1998 - University Plaza, Seattle, Washington


Executive Committee Members:

Dennis Fait, Vice President West; Ellen Barton, Secretary; Jim Hamre, Newsletter Editor; Lloyd Flem, Executive Director

Board of Directors:

Stuart Adams, Jim Holley, Jim Langston, Steve Spear, Warren Yee, Eleanor Stewart, John Dewhirst, Roger Mumm, Hal Cooper, Paul Scott, Noel Hancock, Rob Morrison, Tony Trifiletti

Members and Guests:

Ray Allred, Leroy Chadwick, Dennie Chelemedos, Bob Lawrence, Jim Cowardin, Wilson Geegh, Erik Griswold, Robert Rohrer, Marge Lindsay, George Lindsay, Ollie LaFreniere

Meeting Minutes:

Vice President - West, in the absence of President Chuck Mott. The agenda was approved with three additional announcements, as noted.

The May meeting minutes were approved unanimously.

The treasurer's report showed a decline in membership level with income exceeding expenses by $371.80. Expenses arising from the Commuter Rail conference are not reflected in this report. A detailed report was filed with the Secretary and is available for interested Board members upon request. Editor Jim Hamre delivered the report for Treasurer Hans Mueller, in his absence. Noel Hancock and Dennis Fait volunteered to call expiring membership holders to encourage renewal.

The Environmental Assessment report published by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) on the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) also known as Sound Transit is available for review. Jim Hamre distributed a copy to Hal Cooper.

The WSDOT Pacific Northwest Rail Corridor Economic Analysis is available through Jim Hamre. Other reports available are:

Committee & Section Reports:

Eastern Region Section report from Noel Hancock on successful meetings with local officials in Wenatchee and plans for future meetings the the Tri-Cities areas and other towns in eastern Washington.

Commuter Rail Section report was postponed due to Coordinator, Mike Skehan's absence. Informally, the conference was described as successful with reference to a finding showing that the development and increase in land values around rail stations can take up to 10 years.

Executive Director's Report: the European Tour. Focussing on issues of land use and transportation, with an emphasis on the ways in which the German love of private automobiles is manifested while still maintaining and improving the rail transportation options, Llyod Flem showed slides and discussed his recent trip throughout Germany and neighboring countries.

The Audit of the WSDOT found no waste and great work. The Department was asked to submit reports to the legislature which are more comprehensible, though containing all the relevant technical information.

Senator Murray, stellar rail supporter, will run for re-election in the autumn. Bruce Chapman of the Surface Transportation Board will meet with Executive Director Flem to discuss reforms and privatization: what it means in Europe, what it can mean here: basic rail infrastructure enjoys public support.

Cascadia Conference of Discovery Institute to be held in late July will feature Gil Carmichael, the Rail advisor to former President Bush. Efforts to video-tape the conference for the WashARP library will be made.

Executive Director Lloyd Flem announced renewed committment to WashARP in a schedule change anticipated to take effect in November: retiring from the farm and real-estate business, he will be dedicating all his work time to the passenger rail educational work.

Upcoming Meetings:

Note: there will be no regular WashARP meeting in October, in deference to the conference planned for October 15. While a meeting in Eastern Washington would normally be held in September, this was deemed inadvisable due to the succession of meetings away from Seattle for July, August and October, therefore, the September meeting will be held in Seattle.

Special thanks are due to Warren Yee for volunteering to maintain the name tags between meetings and to Tony Trifiletti for donating the cost of the name tag covers to the Association.

The Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee representative, Noel Hancock, reported on the many responsibilities held by each committee but spoke of optimism in the reception which the committee's ideas receive by Amtrak officials. The priorities seem to be:

  1. on time service
  2. consistent service on the car
  3. off train (i.e., platform, station area) service and information
  4. educate eastern seaboard to paucity of western service

The meeting adjourned at about 3:00 pm.

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