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June 1999 General Meeting Minutes

June 1999 General Meeting Minutes

Washington Association of Rail Passengers
General Meeting Minutes
June 12th, 1999 in Seattle, WA

Tony Trifiletti, President
Chuck Mott, BOD Chair
Hans Mueller, Tres.
Mike Skehan, Secretary
Lloyd Flem, Executive Director
Eric Griswold, VP Commuter Rail/Transit
Jim Hamre
Steve Spear
Stuart Adams
Dale Menchofer
Roche Sherman
Loren Vine
Sue Sauer
Darlene Flem
Leroy Chadwick
Paul Cory
Jim Holley
Bill Weeks
Jim McIntosh
Peter Cherlemedos
Dennie Chelemedos
Noel Hancock
Roger Mumm
Eleanor Stewart
Mark Lawrence
Bob Lawrence
Hal Cooper
Warren Broderick
Dave O'Brian
David Sherrod

12:24 Call to Order, Tony Trifiletti, President

Minutes of 5-8-99 were approved.


Budget/Finance: Chair David Sherrod reported the committee is forming and will begin to work on strategic planning issues for a five year time frame. Members are encouraged to work on this essential element concerning the continued health of the organization. David may be reached by e-mail at,

Treasurers: Hans Mueller reported income for May as $2,573.50 and expenses of $2,462.13 with net worth of $30,378.61. Members added (4), lost (12) for a net of 470.

Executive Director: Lloyd Flem reported Amtrak funding issues in Washington DC. Flexible funding is looking good as well as requested levels through the year 2002 when Amtrak is "expected" to be on a pay-as-you-go basis. That is not very far off, and a huge journey to make. Mail and Express is running much slower than is required to generate the shortfall in revenues for Amtrak to stand on its own feet. Chuck and Lloyd have been working with the two Senators on this issue, as well as our Montana members.

The Rail Office of WSDOT will be hosting "Rail and Transit" on July 11-14. The annual public transportation conference, held in Spokane, will include a WashARP sponsored lecture, "Rail on the Sunny Side." Lloyd will host this important subject of rail services east of the Cascades, and a good way to continue the work begun by VP Jim Neal on expanded services.

Transit: Erik Griswold invited members to take copies of articles, sketches and other treasures of information from his abundant supply. The section will be working towards increased membership, with the possibility of a joint WashARP/PMT (People for Modern Transit) meeting to be held in September of this year.

Marketing and Membership: Darlene Flem reported that "Super Saturday" at Evergreen CC in Olympia was ongoing, with enthused WashARPers preaching the gospel at our table, and soliciting new members.

High Speed Rail Conference was reported by Hal Cooper. Washington state is looked upon as a model for other states to jump start their "stalled trains" using the successful incremental approach. WSDOT is planning on 'a train an hour' each way between Portland and Seattle within the next 18 years, with travel times reduced 2 hours city center to city center. Much work is needed along the corridors to make this a reality, including speed increases, switch work, and grade separation at some intersections.

Guides Services on the Amtrak service between Portland and Seattle was reported on by Warren Broderick, program coordinator for the Northern Pacific Historical Society. This is the 3rd year of the very successful program making announcements of points of interest along the way, and offering informal assistance to Amtrak customers. These highly motivated volunteer (15) ride the trains each way at least twice a month. Warren was kind enough to share some of his memorable experiences with us, as well as inviting other WashARPer to enjoy an activity that will return immeasurable benefits of gratitude and appreciation by the traveling public.

National Association of Rail Passengers: Jim Hamre reported on NARP goings on including a twist on rail passengers being uncomfortable at a Mall/Train station for security reasons. The BN is stepping up its efforts to post and enforce 'No Trespassing' laws along the ROW and in yards. In other news, initiatives to increase services and revenues to Amtrak include market based analysis, public/private partnerships and more comfortable services.

The new brochure is available and was distributed to members. A full color version is being worked on for targeted distribution.

Tony will be mailing an invitation to join to nearly 2,500 prospective members in the coming weeks, along with a brochure. He is applauded to this monumental effort to expand the membership and keep the organization healthy.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45

Respectfully Submitted, Michael Skehan, Secretary

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