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Pacific Northwest Passenger Rail

 The Pacific Northwest. Home of Amtrak Cascades Service, and the first American-Built Euro-Style trains in the United States. 
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The Pacific Northwest Passenger Railroad List is for sharing information on passenger railroads in the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States. The geographic range is intended to focus on areas priminarily served by Amtrak Cascades Service. Historical railroad operations in the same regional area are also welcome on this list.

The PNWPASSRail list "welcome message":

In order to gather information for the Washington Association of Rail Passengers web pages, I maintained a small private email list. Eventually, I decided to try doing this via a formal email list server, and to open the list to others developing similar web resources, as well as anyone interested in contributing materials or receiving update news. This might be an experimental form someplace between a traditional moderated list and an announcement list. One strong objective is to keep traffic down to a low enough level that no one need unsubscribe because they can't keep up. The PNWPASSRail list is an informal discussion list.


Traffic on this list should remain small and manageable, but if you feel overwhelmed by the volume of mail from this or any email list, either choose "digest mode" to receive each day's messages bulked into one combined message, or explore using email filtering to handle the traffic. By creating a separate mailbox for each list, the filtering on the message label (e.g. "[pnwpassrail]") to move message from that list to the appropriate mailbox, you can put the mail where it isn't cluttering  up one big inbox.

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