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On-Time Performance - May 1998

On-Time Performance - May 1998

This is the Arrival on-time performance for May 1998. Only train segments traveled mostly within the Evergreen State are included in this chart. No thruway bus time performance here.

Arrival time listed are in minutes, with L indicating minutes late from scheduled, E indicating minutes early from scheduled, and 0T meaning Arrival on time (actual arrival same as scheduled).

Please Note: Trains 8/28 are listed together as one time, though the trains are separate until reaching Spokane.

This Information obtained from Amtrak's Reservation and Train Arrival Page.


Due to additional Amtrak Cascades trains in our corridor, the chart for this month, has been split into 3 charts. One for May 1-16, another for May 17-31 Seattle only, and the last for May 17-31 for other locations. Starting in June 1998, there will always be two charts. One for Seattle only, and the other for anywhere else.

May 1-16, 1998 On-Time Performance

Date / Train #7 (SEA)750 (SEA)14 (SEA)752 (SEA)761 (SEA)8/28 (SPK)27 (PDX)753 (PDX)11 (PDX)751 (PDX)760 (VAC)
Scheduled Arrival09:1012:4519:5021:2021:55Varies08:5511:5513:5521:0511:40
Fri, 5/137L90L75L8L10L8L19E10L0T0T0T
Sat, 5/235E10E60L0T0T3L24L0T0T7L4E
Sun, 5/330E7L50L8E0T0T0T19E0T9L0T
Mon, 5/410E25L180L11E0T0T15E8E152L0T13E
Tues, 5/50T8L130L15L5E42L0T15E0T49L0T
Wed, 5/60T4L153L12E30L???0T7L14E0T16L0T
Thurs, 5/78E2L5L0T50L9L6L10E28L5L15L
Fri, 5/821E25L22L1L23E0T22E10E0T0T14E
Sat, 5/935E17L0T0T25L7L9E0T0T0T3E
Sun, 5/1030L5L0T2L0T0T55L20E5L0T0T
Mon, 5/11102L15L0T7E5E0T116L15E0T7L18E
Tues, 5/1216E3E45L3E20E11L20L10L0T0T0T
Wed, 5/130T10E100L13L8L73L52L5L0T0T5E
Thurs, 5/1428E0T116L11E15E10L6L5L8L0T10E
Fri, 5/1517L27L80L0T14L126L28L7L44L14L0T
Sat, 5/1646L0T207L0T0T60L33L8E20L4L0T

May 17-31, 1998 Seattle Arrival On-Time Performance

Date/Train #775075214754761
Scheduled Arrival10:2012:1516:0019:5521:4521:55
Sun, 5/1745L15L17L145L25L7L
Mon, 5/1897L7L7L190L3L0T
Tues, 5/1916E0T4E85L5E17L
Wed, 5/2018E0T5L130L22L10E
Thurs, 5/21NA18L20L10L15L0T
Fri, 5/2240L16L14L122L5L18E
Sat, 5/2318E5L4E205L0T0T
Sun, 5/2418E3L0T35L27L0T
Mon, 5/2548L12L9L0T5E0T
Tues, 5/2621L10L3L1L75L0T
Wed, 5/278E6L55L68L0T13L
Thurs, 5/285E7E20L10L30L15L
Fri, 5/290T25L10L30L8L5L
Sat, 5/3010E0T0T75L20L1E
Sun, 5/31130L18L0T2L0T0T

May 17-31, 1998 Other Arrival On-Time Performance

Date/Train #8/28(SPK)27(PDX)751(PDX)11(PDX)753(PDX)755(PDX)760(VAC)
Scheduled Arrivalvarious10:2011:0013:5517:1520:5011:40
Sun, 5/170TNA11E0T13L14L0T
Mon, 5/18NA144L1L13L6L0T0T
Tues, 5/190T22E3E5L10E5L0T
Wed, 5/200T17E15L3L13L6L10E
Thurs, 5/210TNA5E11L14L4L0T
Fri, 5/2265L23L3L26L10L0T7E
Sat, 5/234L19E13L0T11E0T0T
Sun, 5/240T10L0T0T9L0T5E
Mon, 5/250TNA14E0T14L0T10E
Tues, 5/260T29L7L0T6L3L0T
Wed, 5/270T3E1E1L43L23L0T
Thurs, 5/280T20E0T21L12L0T7E
Fri, 5/290T15E3L23L7L8L5E
Sat, 5/300T18E9L30L0T12L10E
Sun, 5/310T123L2E11L17L0T0T

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