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WashARP General Membership Meetings

Anyone is welcome to our meetings. Meetings are generally held on the Second Saturday of the month (except in December, when it is held on the first Saturday) during the lunch hour, and are usually held in the Greater Puget Sound Region. However, some meetings are held in different parts of the State to encourage greater State-wide participation.

Meetings are usually held in a restaurant setting during the lunch hour, so attendees can purchase a meal to eat. Most of these places provide separate checks to facilitate easy payment.

Here is WashARP's Tentative 2002-2003 meeting schedule: Seattle area meetings start at 1:00PM, while meetings elsewhere have specific meeting times.

February 8: Andy's Diner in Seattle. 2963 4th Ave S.
March 8: Bellingham (location and starting time to be determined).
April: No WashARP meeting.
April 26: NARP Region VIII meeting in SHELBY, MONTANA. 12:30-4 PM.
May: NO WashARP meeting.
June 14: Seattle (Location to be determined).
July 12: Seattle (Location to be determined).
August 9: Jim Hamre's Home in Puyallup. Annual WashARP BBQ.
September 7: KELSO (Location and time to be determined).
October 11: TACOMA (Location and time to be determined).
November 8: Seattle (Location to be determined).
December 6: Seattle (Location to be determined).

To look at previous general meeting minutes, or see the tentative agenda for the upcoming month, please click one of the entries below.

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