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On-Time Performance - October 1999

On-Time Performance - October 1999

This is the Arrival on-time performance for October 1999. Only train segments traveled mostly within the Evergreen State are included in this chart. No thruway bus time performance here.

Arrival time listed are in minutes, with L indicating minutes late from scheduled, E indicating minutes early from scheduled, and 0T meaning Arrival on time (actual arrival same as scheduled).

Please Note: Trains 8/28 are listed together as one time, though the trains are separate until reaching Spokane.

This Information obtained from Amtrak's Reservation and Train Arrival Page.



Extra Note: Train #11 (PDX) arrival data has been erratic recently.

October 1999 Seattle On-Time Performance

Date/Train #775076175214754763
Scheduled Arrival09:5012:1512:4516:0020:4521:4521:55
Friday, October 125E20L10L25L0T30L5L
Saturday, October 25E5E0T23L140L5L5L
Sunday, October 315E10E22E2ENH3E25L
Monday, October 4NA50L0T28LNA5L0T
Tuesday, October 5NA30L6E17L25L10L15E
Wednesday, October 65E20LNH20L25E0TNH
Thursday, October 720E50L45L30L15L23L18L
Friday, October 812E20L25E54L20L35L10L
Saturday, October 90T0T10L0T8E7LNA
Sunday, October 1018E50L7E10E5L0TNA
Monday, October 1117E0T12E10L15L10L0T
Tuesday, October 1225E25L22E10L10L0T5L
Wednesday, October 13NA9L5E19LNA50L5L
Thursday, October 14NA35L10E10E25E11E5E
Friday, October 155E45L10E8L25E55L0T
Saturday, October 1620E115L4E0T11E15L75L
Sunday, October 172E38L18E2L12E15E0T
Monday, October 18NA22L13E10L25E5L10L
Tuesday, October 19175L15L15E17L20E15L2L
Wednesday, October 200T9L13E0T105L10L5L
Thursday, October 2125E60L10E0T5E5L1E
Friday, October 22NA45L4E25L25E10L5L
Saturday, October 230T20L10E10L490L0T0T
Sunday, October 2420E10E19E1E30E0T50L
Monday, October 2512L20L5E10L11E0T15L
Tuesday, October 2610E5E5E3L15L0T0T
Wednesday, October 2720L75L5E15L215L0T50L
Thursday, October 280T50L5E15L230L13E35L
Friday, October 295E50L22E23L65L25LNA
Saturday, October 30NA118L12E20LNH5L3L

October 1999 Other Arrival On-Time Performance

Scheduled Arrivalvaries09:5511:0013:5517:1520:5011:4020:00
Friday, October 10T13E6L38L0T13L0T17E
Saturday, October 20T13L25L0T17L8LNANA
Sunday, October 39L18E5LNA8L0TNANA
Monday, October 40TNA15LNA22L10L20L16E
Tuesday, October 50TNA17L12L0T25L6E5E
Wednesday, October 60T9E5LNA0T0T67L6E
Thursday, October 70T1L45LNA56L0T8L3L
Friday, October 80T4E20LNA20L26L5E19L
Saturday, October 9NA3E5LNA10L0TNANA
Sunday, October 10NA10L8LNA4E12LNANA
Monday, October 11NA10E0TNA20L0T5E15E
Tuesday, October 1223L12E22LNA30L127L25L20E
Wednesday, October 130TNA10L25E10L20L50L20E
Thursday, October 140TNA25LNA1E5L2E15E
Friday, October 150T0T4ENA7L0T5E13E
Saturday, October 160T50L11L0T36L30L3L24E
Sunday, October 170T21L12L0T13L0T2L15E
Monday, October 180TNA13L0T5L0T5L0T
Tuesday, October 1916L0T8LNA25L25LNA52L
Wednesday, October 20278L11E7ENA3E0T10L5E
Thursday, October 210T12E12L0T20L5L8E15E
Friday, October 220TNA5L4L15L7L10L7E
Saturday, October 230T1E13L10L5L15L0T15E
Sunday, October 240T8E0T9E2E17L14E12E
Monday, October 250T0T23L8L10L0T3L5E
Tuesday, October 262L17E48L49L5E21L13L8E
Wednesday, October 2759L5E30LNA10L0T5L75L
Thursday, October 286L14E19L0T5E0T34L0T
Friday, October 290T19E2L8L3L5L30L12E
Saturday, October 3023LNA65L40L27L36LNANA

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