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X-mas tree movement


The Pictures on this page are from a special movement that Amtrak ran to carry the Nations Christmas Tree to Washington D.C. The train stopped in Sturtevant, WI (my home town) to let off Governor Tommy Thompson off.

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Select The Christmas Special pulling into Sturtevant. Here we see an ex Metroliner in Phase IV Paint.
Select This is the back half of the same car!
Select A rare site to see a Viewliner
Select  What's that after the last passenger
Select The whole side of Beach Grove.
Select What Intermodal on Amtrak? Darn its to late to pull a fast one on you. It's our 1999 Nations Christmas Tree!
Select A view of the last car Beach Grove.
Select I'm sorry if you see another shot of this car, but I may want to model this car.
Select The reporting marks on a Express Way Car.
Select The Front half of the trailer that hauled the X-mas tree.
Select Here is the rear half of the trailer.
Select  Looking at the neat
Select Back half of the car.
Select And yes another Beach Grove Car photo .
Select Just more detail shots.
Select And their she goes
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