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January 2006, Week 1 Wednsday, January 4, 2006

    Began building a second Type 7 steel hopper on Monday, now have two of them in about the same state of construction, ready to enter into the detailing stage.  Another pair of the Bachmann steel hoppers arrived yesterday along with 5 sets of On30 trucks.  Life is good.  Looks like a 6 car train with caboose of the larger steel car is gonna be the average train due to siding length. Right now looks like I'm shooting towards a dozen hoppers, perhaps 18 alltogether.  The shorter wooden cars will still be used mixed in there, I think I will have several coal drags run togehter and dropped on the layout through staging when the time comes.

    Discovered a really neat tool site with a mini tablesaw that I have been looking for and a nice small tabletop disk sander to replace my belt sander that went kaput.  Prolly will order both the first of next week.  Looking at building a couple of steel flatcars too, since I discovered that I have some I Beam and channel that should be about right.  Going to make a supply run tonight to pick up a few odds and ends that I need to round out current projects.  Need to rebuild waycar 04 into a caboose to resemble the 7/8 scale Cabin 02.  Project ideas abound.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

    Got restocked in the hobby shop, and looks like I will get to spend some time in The Shops this weekend.  Need to do some repairs on a couple things, and finish up a couple of others.  Perhaps do a make and mend weekend.   Would be nice to get the steel hoppers all finished up and get them on the layout.  More project ideas are coming, including a composite hopper, and a coke car.  Does the insanity never end?   I hope not!

Saturday, January 7, 2006

   Was out in The Shop until 0100 this morning.   I started a steel flatcar project, kinda wanting ot see something new completed, and I wouldd have gotten it 100% done had the real world not interferred!  Welp heres hoping for  abetter today.  Just have the brake gear left to do and the flat will be ready to paint.    Hoppers and 2-8-2 or on the agenda for the day I think.

    Pretty good day day today.  Got the flatcar completely finished, painted and weathered and got one side of the steel hopper riveted.  Looks pretty good too, think I'll be able to finish it up tomorrow.