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Week 2 July 2004 Tuesday, July 6, 2004, 1030

    Can cross the Anns Creek Turntable off the To Do list.  Still needs a little tweaking but nothing major.  I don;t thnk I'll be leaving it out all the time so that the mech will stay in good shape.  With only the TT lead to work with, its not hard to drop it in place and line it up correctly.  Still need to worl out an indexing plate to hold it in check while the locomotive runs on and off it.

    With the rail on its way, its time to start planning the new main yard.  I originally intended on putting the engine terminal adjacent to Port Lavender, but more space is avalible at the other end of the Yard, so I think I'll put it there instead.  With the  interchange track alone at that end I'll have room for a narrow ridge 'viewblock'  between it and the port, making the distance seem greater.

    I can fit 4 tracks wide on a 3ft wide section of plywood, the problem being  which ones to make the main and passing sidingsand whcich ones to make storage.  Track geometry will be critical for maximum storage area.  I beleive I have devloped the basic layout for the Main Yard, only involves the construction of 4 new turnouts, 2 LH#6, 1RH#6, and a #3wye.  Rail hasn't shown up, but I think I should start cutting ties.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004. 2100

    Had enough screwin around with No8's trailing truck, so I finally trashed it.  She's permanently a 2-8-0, not that it matters with the Turntable in place at Anns Creek.

    Took out the last tree in front opening the way for the new Main Yard and the engine terminal.

Friday, July 9, 2004, 1430

    Managed to get a little done so far this afternoon.  Smoothed out the trackwork  at the mouth of Anns Creek yard.  Replaced some ties on the turnout and added some new ties to the mainline.  Once it cools off a little this evening I'll run some rolling stock over it to test it.  Beleive I will set out the rolling stock for an operating session after work tomorrow.

    I built the frames for a pair of wooden hoppers (#46 and #48) will start on the hopper boxes  after a coffee break.  Still have plenty of trucks and steel wheels.  Boxcar 307 will be the next rolling stock project.  Trying to clear the bench of all the half built rolling stock.


    Got the sides done for both the hopper sides, and ends of one of them.  Got one box put together as well.

Saturday, July 10, 2004, 1400

    Managed to get both hopper boxes assembled this morning before work.  Gonna try to matethem to the frames this evening and work on the trucks an castings.  With a little luck  I might get them both outshopped this weekend. That'll wrap up the 40 series for a while til I decide to cut wood for anymore of them.  I thin the next new project I start should be some sort of a tail car.