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August 2004, Week One Sunday, August 1, 2004, 1845

    I got the ties laid out for the first half of the new main yard.  Had just enough of the standard tiesto hold 'em down.  After dinner I think I'll start spiking down some rail.  The Departure Track will come first since it doesn;t require any turnouts.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004 1300

    Got about half of a 6 ft stick of Departure track laid down Sunday evening and work stalled there.  I've been evaluating the track plan, and isnce the storage spurs aren;t as long as I originally planned, I'm going to use the No2 track as the Interchange, that will leave me a 3 track yard, with the three longest tracks availble for making up and breaking down trains.  Will only have to put a tail on the arrival track to permit road engines to escape and g back to the engine terminal


    I got the first 6 feet of track spiked down in the yard.  I had thought about building the switches as an integral part of the yard, but when I built Ann's Creek it was only moderatly successful.  This time I will cut the rails as I would a stand alone unit, and spike it in place on the ties.  I'll prolly bring the chop saw out on the porch, it will be easier to handle the 6ft sticks of rail out there.  Also the porch light gives more than enough light to work by, so working after dark or before daylight (Yeah right!!!) won;t be a problem.

Friday, August 6, 2004 1800

    Got the biggest part of a No3 wye done today.  This is the one  that will lead to the Engine Terminal eventually, the tail of which will be the Ready/Storage Track.  The goal is to tie in the three way and lay the rest of the REady/Storage track to the end of the board today.  I moved the small chop saw out on the porch to do the major cutting, and do the minor grinding with a file.  Major stuff I take into the Shop and do on the belt sander.

    I surveyed the line a bit, and I think I need to build a "dry wash" for one of the downspouts to keep it from washing down the mainline when it rains.  I had a faux trestle in place once upon a time, perhaps I need something more robust?

Saturday, August 7, 2004

    While looking at the new trackwork this morning, it occurrred to me that I could do all the switches in the Stub Turnout style. Not only would this be easier to construct, it would be easier to maintain as well.  Stubs are generally (necessarily) longer than the point style of turnout, but I think I got the space for it.  Doesn't require as much rail either.