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August 2004 Week Two Sunday, August 8, 2004, 1530

    Just got the first No3 wye stub finished as well as the first half of the Ready/Storage Track.  Switching over to using stub turnouts made construction much easier, no gridning and very little fileing, and that just on the point of the frog, and simple straight cuts.  Getting rady to put down the last two feet of the departure  track.  After that I have to swing the board around so I can start  working on the Arrival Track, Storage, and Interchange Tracks.  Another advantage of the stub is that I cna lay an entire stick of rail and go back and cut it at the appropriate locations for the pivots.  Just have to be aware so that I don;t spike down something that is supposed to move.


    Can call it a pretty good days work.  Got the 2nd No3 wye done, another good days work should see this half of the yard finished.  Then brasswork, bad as I hate it for the ground throws.  Need to get another cedar board this weekend so I can cut the ties for for the 2nd half of the yard.  Guess I'll have to drag it off in the grass to lay out the 2nd half.  Only two turnouts in that section, mostly straight track there.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004, 0800

    Got up early today and got the webpage update done.  Funny how its kinda a catalyst that makes me want to get work done on the RR.  Don;t figger to get much else accomplished though, long day in the Real World ahead.

    As I sit on the back porch a thought comes to me "Dang, I really need to get some Roundup!"  Got brush growing in the TT Pit and I can;t recall the last time I ran a light engine let alone carried out any switching.  Everyone on LSC seems to be building bridges, I would really like a couple but I'm a little short of places to put one.  I 'spose I could put one under the turnout that goes to the logging spur from Ann's Creek, its been undercut deliberately for the downspout.  Mebbe I could dig a dry creek bed  at the other downspout just at the end of Summit Curve.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 1200

    Think I'll go to Lowe's after work and get a cedar board.  Start cutting up ties for the 2nd half of the yard.  Got enough switch ties, just need standard ties


    So much for plans, mebbe I'll get to make the trip tomorrow.  even if I don;t get  some ties cut I think I gotenough to workon this weekend finishing up the rails and building ground throws.  need to check on how much batten material  I have as well.  Gotta run the line from  the turnout at the junction  to the new yard.  Once I get teh rail spiked down  and the 2nd half of the yard laid out, I'll pack it round front and drop it in its intendended place, will be able to start figgering plans for the  the engine terminal then.

    I'm considering doing a Labor Day setup of the portable layout.  Don;t know how feasible thats gonna be cause I'm installing new pipe legs on it this year.  I was given the pipes and flanges  and think that  I have enough to do the the entire layout as it stands with enough left over  for the last side.  Dunno if the Yard modules will get done this year or not.  Since the total layout is gonna get reduced in height, I won;t be able to "duckunder" like I used to.  Will have to build a liftout bridge section  to allow me access to the center.  The prime place to do that would be in the middle of one of the curves, could make it only 2 ft long instead of 4 ft.  Have to see how that affects the stability of the layout.

    The plan is to attach pipe flanges to the underside of each module then use the  conduit pipe for the upright legs/  I think I'll cut a plywood plate for feet and attatch a 2 x 4  cleat with a hole drilled in it to accept the pipe.  Guess I'll do a test and see how it works.
Friday, August 13, 2004, 0900

    Hopefully with a little luck I'll get the last turnout finished and the rest of the rail spiked down for the yard.  I'll have to review the stock, but I think I got enough cedar 1x2 to cut enough ties  tobegin the layout of the 2nd half of the Yardand battens to build the No6 turnout that goes at the other end.

    I've got brass for the major parts of the ground throws, but there might be some smaller bits that I don;t have.  The thing I'm not really sure about is the link between the grond throw and the the trowbar.  Still need throws in the Mine yard and to the logging line and to the oil loading spur as well as 3 for the new yard.   Will need two more for the 2nd half and one for the three way which brings me up to a total of 8.  I have a harp stand for the threeway, but I'm concerned that it might not be robust enough for actual outdoor use.  We'll give it a shot I reckon.  May have to build something similar.


    Two more sticks of rail are on the Yard.  Thats construction of the RH turnout between Interchange and Storage Track.  The Storage Track rail is all in place it just needss spiked down.  Natcherly at this point the drill went dead so it was a good place to take a break.  Got about 4 cear 1x2 s I can convert into ties right now.  Later this evening gonna make a run for Roundup and a full cedar board.


    Decided against going out this evening, stayed home  and got all the rail spiked down on the first half.  Still have some fiddly stuff to do on themoving portions of the turnouts and make the groundthrows.  I started cutting ties from the 1x2s but fount that it ain't economical, I wasted quite a bit, so I'll save them for battens.

    The next half of the yard should go rather quickly, 4 of the 5 tracks go straight to the end of the board.  Come to think of it, all 5 go stright to the end of the board, but the Dearture track will have a LH turnout cut into it over to the arrival track.

    I will use the First half to properly align the 2nd half.  All 5 of the tracks will be straight for the first 6 feet so I can get all the ties down and get the rails properly aligned.  Then I can plant the first half of the yard.