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August, 2004 Week 3 Sunday, August 15. 2004

    Finally went and got a board last night, fergot the Roundup though so I guess I'll be weeding the old fashoned way in the morning.  Plan for today is to get the Webpage updated, then start cutting crossties.  Might take a crack at fabricating new groundthrows and finishishing up the last of the fiddly bits on the yard Sect 1.


    Got the fiddle work done on the turnouts, basically replacing the eustcheon pins that I was using for the pivots with miniature wood screws.  Moved the first half off the porch and into the yard.  Laid out the 2nd half and cut about half of an 8ft board into ties.  Ive started nsialing them down, but I'm not sure if I hve enough nails or not.  If I run out I guess I'll cut the rest of the ties  and then work on the ground throws.


    Par fer the course  ran out of nails and ties,but I did get the rest of the ties in for the Ready track and the Arrival track.  Departure track are laid up to the point where the switch will be.  Converted the rest of the board into ties this evening.  Hope they willbe enough!!!  Gonna try to get the rest of the ties down  and the first sticks of of rail started in the morning.

Monday, August 16, 2004 1800

    Good Day today!  Went and got another load of rocks, then finished nailing down  the ties for the 2nd half of the yard.  Drug both halves out into the grass and got the rail stated on all 5 tracks of the 2nd half..  Once I got that done, I drug the first half round front and placed it where I wanted it/ Looks purty darn good if I do say so myself.  It fits pretty much like I thought it would.  the turnout to the engine terminal lines up perfectlyand the escape and cabin tracks will only require the excavation of some junk dirt.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004, 1045

    Got an extra day off this week, plottingon how best to get the Yard in service by MondayI think I can get all the straight tracksspiked down  this evening and tomorrow evening and mebbe get the  get started on the No6 LH for the far end. The escape track  and cabin track need ot be built as well as the connecting track .  Perhaps on Friday I can build the connecting track and tie it into the rest of the layout.  Can position an ballast that much and tet the turnouts and such.  Then can fabricate the other en of the trackage and plant it on Monday.

    Been thinking on rules for the rule book, heres what I thought up so far:

        1.    Air Brake equipped cars are placed next to locomotives

        2.    Link and Pin cars should be placed at the end of the train

        3.    Trains must stop within5 (scale) feet before coupling onto an occupied passenger car

        4.    Cassville to Anns Creek is Timetable West
        5.    Anns Creek to Cassville  is Timetable East

        6.    Eastbound trains have superiority over Westbound

        7.    All rains must stop before entering Yard limits

        8.    All switches must be set for the Through route

        9.    Crews may only work trailing point turnouts

Friday, August 20, 2004, 0800

    It hink gettign the first half of the yard planted and protected under a good layer of ballast should be a priority for today .  should be able to whip up the connecting track  fairly quickly I think then get it all tied together.  Yard needs just a bit of leveling at the throat.  Can use the rest of the weekend  to finish up  the 2nd half, build the last two turnouts and fabricate the groundthrows.


    Looks like the connecting track will have to be part of the weekend fabrication.  Got busy in the REal World today.  did get the site for the new yard leveled out, and the first half positioned.  Screwed together the 2x2 PT battens for the curving connecting track.  Going to make the 3 way stub integral with it.  just a little longer than a 6 foot stick of rail.

Saturday, August 21, 2004 0830

    Got some good rain overnight, mebbe its a good thing that I didn;t get around to ballasting last yesteday, prolly would have washed it all off.  After work thi evening, I'm going to take a shot at getting ties and rail down  on the connecting track, should be a minor job to get it in place with some temporary ballast tomorrow.  I stil plan on doin major fabricating  of the far #6 RH switch  and laying the rest of the yard.  Might shift ground throws to a future, "To Do" list.  Course like most thingsI dread its prolly not going to be as bad as I think ts going to be

    Witht he new yard in place, I'll have a good idea how many more cars I'll be able to accomodate.  The 14 that I have don;t really make a dent in the yard capacities at Anns Creek, let along the much larger new yard.  I'm thinking at least another 10 or so as a bare minimum, not including the hoppers!  Perhaps this fall and winter I can get back to the  Ol' " One a week" Program.