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November 2005 Week 4 Monday, November 21, 2005

    This weekend was pretty much a total bust as far as any railroading was concerned.  I did get knuckles fitted to the three Type IV hoppers and worked a little bit on the combine on Saturday, but that was about it.  Things don't look good for Railroading this week at least until Turkey Day.  I have to clean up the On30 Room and toddler proof it, and clean up my den where the locomotives tend to get stored.  Mebbe I'll get that combine off the bench this weekend and get on with some new construction!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

    I guess this will end up being a rccap for the week.  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent cleaning up.  I did dust off the On30 layout, and sort out the wiring and tuck it up out of the way nice and tidy.  Ran the trains around on it a bit too, it was fun, nice to have something to play with on cold, wet, yucky, dark winter evenings.  Thanksgiving Day was pretty unremarkable, nothing railroad wise accomplished.  On Friday was able to get a bigger heater for the Shop.  Since it was 25 most of the day, and colder after dark that was quite welcome!  I was able to complete the chasis for the combine and get it ready to paint too.   Saturday was a bit warmer, so I cut the sheet stock for the new pair of boxcars and painted the combine chasis.  Finished up the combines carbody and it is ready to paint as soon as all the windows are masked off, really not looking forward to that!  Came in and began working on a new On30 steel hopper.  basically a scaled down version of an N&W Class HP hopper, very similar to what the wooden A frame hoppers got rebuilt into.