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December 2005, Week 1 Saturday, December 3, 2005

    Pretty much another recap, since the balance of the week beleonged to November, and I was down with my annual bug for the other couple days.  I did manage to mask all the windows and paint the combine finally.  It still needs some details and some stenciling.  Thursday evening I felt well enough to sit up at the desk and do some rivets on the On30 hopper I got underway.  Friday was pretty good, I jumped in and got a boxcar 95% finished.  I actually cut the sheet goods for a pair of them, but I got a late start and wasn;t feeling completly 100% that day.

    Today was a total write off, Christmas Parade in the morning and assorted festivities in the afternoon, not to mention the Community Tree Lighting Ceremony this evening.  Yeah loads of fun standing in the rain and cold and watching people play with electricity.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.   Getting drug out shopping but perhaps I'll be able to stop by the hobby shop and check out some zee angles for an upcoming EBT boxcar I got planned.